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As a successful company do you recognize the value of innovative and market-leading IT Managed Services? Would you like to expand your portfolio, consolidate and improve existing services and avoid fixed costs for your client solutions? Then become part of Retarus’ success story!
Thousands of enterprises have already chosen to benefit from our Communication Services. We value our customers, and that is why we provide you and your clients with uncompromised quality when you utilize our global messaging platform. We not only provide innovative messaging solutions, but also go to great lengths to give you exceptional customer service and individual product training. Our 24/7 support team ensures you have reliable and uninterrupted service.

Trust is important, but transparency is critical

With our web-based Enterprise Administration Services Portal, you can see the specific tasks that our platform is processing for you and your clients in real time. The portal allows you to take an active role in managing your accounts from this central platform – in a quick, flexible and simple process. As the most transparent service provider on the market, we offer the highest levels of visibility, whether processing a message or providing invoices with clear and concise bill back information, you can be assured that there is no better provider to partner with.
Whether you would like to use the Retarus Branded Services or our White Label Services, there is no better time than now to become part of our successful team, click below to get in touch with us via our Retarus Partner Form. At Retarus, you will be able to utilize a well-established, innovative managed service. Retarus delivers a reliable and powerful solution for your clients and with integrated and certified solutions for Microsoft®, Lotus Notes®  and SAP® they can be up and running in no time.

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