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As a leader in electronic business communications with offices in 12 countries, Retarus can help you reduce the complexity of your IT landscape and shape the long-term success of your business. Our cloud-based enterprise messaging platform delivers seamless and secure email, fax, SMS and EDI services for businesses around the globe.

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Business Email Redefined:

Retarus E-Mail Security

Retarus firmly places the needs of the user into all of its email services, making sure that emails are secure with innovative compliance and usability features, antivirus and spam protection, encryption and archiving solutions. These dynamic, user-friendly features ensure that you can more easily access, manage and control your email flow for more successful business communications today and tomorrow.

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Any operating system, any mobile network

Retarus Managed SMS Services

Retarus makes sending an SMS to 99% of all cellular networks around the world from your desktop or business application an everyday reality - without any hardware or software costs. We provide robust SMS services and solutions that your business needs to communicate not just quickly but effectively, including unlimited delivery capacity, express delivery of online banking and login details, reply services for SMS premium services, and much more!

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Want to reduce unnecessary business communications expenses?

Start with your fax server.

Completely eliminate costs for fax servers, maintenance and updates by switching to Retarus Managed Fax Services. We provide swift and reliable fax communication services complete with full transaction security features and benefits. Whether you work with MS Office, Notes or Exchange, use SAP or any other system of choice, you can rely on Retarus for the cost-effective fax services and solutions to build your business and your bottom line.

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Want to reduce unnecessary business communications expenses?
Any operating system, any mobile network
Business Email Redefined
Global Messaging for Global Business

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