March 05, 2015  //  Channel Partner Show, Las Vegas  //  Cloud Computing  //  Global Messaging  //  Managed Services

Retarus to Exhibit at the Channel Partner Show in Las Vegas, March 16th-18th

2015 is all about moving beyond convergence and creating the BIG IT. At Channel Partner’s in Las Vegas, more than 7,500 VARS, Carriers, Master Agents, Agents and Vendors will meet to learn more about the solutions that customers need to move their business forward. Retarus is the center of the convergence, and proud to exhibit at the Channel Partner event in Las Vegas. We are part of the famous “Pub Crawl” and are co-sponsoring a Cabana Pool Party with one of the biggest master agents – Telegration. In preparation to the show, we launched a unique marketing campaign revolving around a very popular movie. We can’t reveal much, but invite you to come to our booth, grab a beer, enjoy German pretzels and discuss the technology convergence of BIG IT with Retarus Global Messaging. Click for more information

March 04, 2015  //  Freak  //  SSL  //  encryption  //  security issue

Retarus portals are not affected by the “Freak” security hole

IT experts are issuing warnings about the “Freak” security holes, which have left an estimated 40% of all websites worldwide vulnerable to hacking. The vulnerabilities exist because US regulations drawn up in the 1990s only mandated weak encryption. Users of Android, iOS, and Mac OS devices are affected when they access websites using this weaker level of encryption. When web browsers using these operating systems can choose from among multiple encryption methods, they will select the weakest one. Also the Internet Explorer on Windows systems. As far as we know, Linux systems are not affected. Retarus exclusively uses strong encryption on all portals, such as the Enterprise Administration Services Portal or Retarus WebExpress. We simply don’t use any encryption affected by “Freak”, which means that Retarus customers are always on the safe side.

October 16, 2014  //  Poodle  //  SSLv3  //  Encryption  //  Security

"POODLE" A new security vulnerability found in SSLv3. Retarus customers are NOT at risk.

Security experts have discovered "POODLE" (Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption), a new security hole in the outdated SSLv3 protocol. Retarus responded immediately by disabling the protocol that was used as a fallback on its servers. POODLE affects SSLv3 or version 3 of the Secure Sockets Layer protocol, used to encrypt traffic between a browser and a web site or between a user's email client and mail server. The attackers can force the use of SSLv3, by interfering with the SSL / TLS connection. Once the server and client have established a SSLv3 connection, the encryption can be hijacked decrypting the session cookie that identifies the user’s account, risking the security of the information. Retarus customers are not at risk of being attacked by POODLE when accessing the Retarus Enterprise Administration Portal (EAS) or Retarus’ content delivery platform WebExpress, as Retarus has disabled SSLv3 to access these portals.

July 17, 2014  //  EITO  //  Retarus Group  //  ICT  //  Expansion

Retarus Group reports above-average growth

The Retarus Group reports a year-on-year revenue growth of over 15%. This increase in revenues is well above average, as the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO) estimates global growth of 4.1% for the ICT industry. Above-average organic growth helped the Retarus Group drive its positive performance and impressively underlines the success of its global expansion strategy, particularly on the US and Asian markets.

July 08, 2014  //  Cloud  //  SAP   //  ArcelorMittal   //  Messaging

ArcelorMittal successfully completes SAP Unity project thanks to Retarus

Fax is one of the main communication channels at ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions, the world’s largest steel production and mining company. During a recent project aptly named Unity, ArcelorMittal unified its fax systems so that all inbound and outbound faxes are now handled by a single SAP system. This complex IT project was successfully implemented within a very short space of time without having to make any changes to ArcelorMittal’s SAP system by integrating Retarus’ cloud-based Messaging Services into the company’s existing communications infrastructure. Now, ArcelorMittal can send business documents to its customers and partners in an automated manner without any delay via Retarus’ highly secure communications infrastructure, which also guarantees maximum scalability and reliability.

July 03, 2014  //  UCC  //  email, Fax and SMS  //  Cloud  //  CNSG

Leading Retarus Enterprise Messaging Services are now available through CNSG

Retarus entered a new strategic partnership with Converged Network Service Group(CNSG), a leading telecommunications and data center consulting firm and master agent. The partnership will allow the CNSG agent community to expand its portfolio offering to include Retarus cloud-based solutions for email, fax and SMS services. Retarus’ leading technology requires no hardware, software or additional infrastructure purchases, and seamlessly integrates to any telecom/data interface (VoIP, hosted PBX, SIP and UCC products) for a more cost-effective, efficient and streamlined communications platform.

July 02, 2014  //   Managed E-Mail Services  //  Mail2Fax   //   Feralpi Group  //  WebExpress

Retarus key player at Feralpi

The Feralpi Group is one of Europe’s largest steel producers. Today the Feralpi Group announced that it has chosen Retarus to provide its cloud-based messaging services. The group’s high manufacturing quality standards also need to be reflected when communicating with customers, partners and suppliers. In order to achieve such smooth communication processes, the Feralpi Group’s faxes and emails need to be quickly and efficiently sent without any disruptions. Retarus can swiftly implement the Feralpi Group’s cloud strategy thanks to its globally available services, substantial technological expertise and in-depth market knowledge.

April 14, 2014  //  Heartbleed  //  Bug   //  OpenSSL   //  Fixed

Heartbleed bug: Retarus experts recommend changing passwords

Heartbleed is a bug that remained undetected for over two years and can affect almost every online password. This security flaw enables passwords and other items of information on servers using SSL connections to be read out. The bug exists in a piece of Open Source software called OpenSSL, which is one of the most common forms of online encryption. In order to prevent any potential exploitation by this bug, Retarus’ security experts strongly recommend you change your passwords for websites and automated processes that use SSL encryption. This applies both to private and business passwords, and particularly to passwords you use on several sites. Retarus investigated all of its web services and portals as soon as it became aware of the Heartbleed bug and released a fix for the affected systems — including the latest OpenSSL version and new SSL certificates — within a matter of minutes.

April 02, 2014  //  Data security  //  PCI-DSS  //  Compliance  //  Payment Card Industry

Retarus’ data centers and services awarded with PCI DSS certification

Retarus meets the global Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Retarus is the first PCI DSS-certified messaging service provider whose data centers and communication services seamlessly comply with strict data security and privacy requirements when processing payment card details and customer data. PCI DSS was initiated by the four major credit card companies, American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa, and is considered one of the most secure and stringent standards in the world. Retarus ensures full compliance with all PCI-DSS requirements when handling and processing customer data.

March 14, 2014  //  BroadSoft  //  Faxolution   //  BroadWorks   //  Unified Communications

BroadSoft expands portfolio with Retarus solution

Retarus Faxolution, our cloud-based fax service for business communications, has been integrated into US software and service provider BroadSoft’s communication platform BroadWorks. BroadSoft service providers can thus expand their portfolio offering with a world-class, effective managed fax service that can be easily integrated into their Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) offerings. To utilize Retarus Faxolution no hardware, software or additional infrastructure purchases are required.

February 19, 2014  //  T-Systems  //  Fax  //  SMS  //  Dynamic Services for Collaboration

Retarus and T-Systems entered a key strategic partnership

T-Systems adds Retarus Fax and SMS Services to its Dynamic Services for Collaboration. Both companies offer a hybrid, freely scalable cloud solution for reliable fax and SMS communications via the DSC platform. Connecting the Retarus Messaging Cloud to the DSC private cloud allows T-Systems customers to exchange business correspondence via SMS or fax. This eliminates the need for costly internal proprietary fax and SMS structures that require regular maintenance and management.

January 20, 2014  //  SAP  //  Fax-Server  //  Cloud  //  Communcation

Faxing Reinvented in the Cloud

Most enterprise CIOs today focus on leveraging the latest technology to do three things: drive innovation, streamline business processes, and reduce the complexity of their IT infrastructure. When the CIO sees “fax server” on the company’s list of capital expenditures (CAPEX), he or she knows none of those priorities are being met. But for many organizations, there are still important business processes that rely on fax communication - read more in SAPinsiders' special report “Journey to the Cloud”.

December 16, 2013  //  SMS  //  SAP   //  Managed SMS Service  //  Long Codes and Short Codes

Send SMS messages directly from your SAP system

Retarus SMS for SAP is a managed service that offers the possibility to send mission critical information via SMS directly from an SAP system. Retarus’ SMS infrastructure is available worldwide, covering 99 percent of the world’s cell phone carriers, to ensure all text messages always reach their intended recipient. The Retarus communications experts in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia are well versed in locally specific requirements and work closely with leading cell phone carriers. Retarus can provide customers with long codes and short codes, which are required by law in some countries, to make sure all SMS are reliably delivered anywhere in the world. Delivery confirmations are automatically sent to the SAP system.

December 09, 2013  //  Managed Fax Services  //  Pay per Use  //  Fax   //  RHI

Retarus takes over fax communication processes at RHI AG

RHI AG, the world’s leading refractories company, relies on smooth email processes to do business. The Austrian-based group achieves this by using Retarus Managed E-Mail Services at over 100 of its locations. Based on this solution’s success, RHI has now also opted to use Retarus Managed Fax Services because fax remains a key component of the company’s business communication processes. Up until now, RHI AG ran and managed a decentralized fax infrastructure which cost the company a huge amount of time and money. Replacing the existing TopCall solution with the globally available Retarus Managed Fax Services will help RHI to consolidate its IT infrastructure and drastically cut its IT expenditure. Retarus can provide an unlimited number of fax numbers so faxes can be received anywhere in the world. By also providing a fully integrated fax concept, Retarus enables RHI to centrally administer its fax processes thanks to an extensive feature set, while other international locations can be easily added as and when necessary. RHI no longer needs to support its fax services, which frees up resources so it can concentrate on its core business. Retarus Managed Fax Services are provided on a pay-per-use basis.

November 26, 2013  //  Email Archive  //  eDiscovery   //  Compliance   //   Business Continuity

Ready for eDiscovery

Retarus now provides new search capabilities as part of its E-Mail Archive. Any company archiving its business emails at Retarus’ data centers acts in line with local fiscal, data protection and privacy laws. Apart from saving on storage space, authorized users and admins can retrieve their archived emails at any time. And if third parties such as lawyers or the HR department needs access to the archive, you can simply limit the search in advance to only include emails that are relevant to the current situation.

November 22, 2013  //  Archiving  //  Fax   //  Archive   //  Faxolution

Retarus expands archiving services

Sending and receiving faxes reliably is one thing, but storing them properly is another. Retarus now archives your fax documents for up to ten years while also offering swift search options and ensuring legal compliance. Retention periods and access rights can be set individually.

November 01, 2013  //  Faxolution  //  SAP   //  Fax  //  Legal Compliance

Retarus provides Axpo with fax communication solution from SAP

Energy company Axpo relies on fax as a communication channel because it is a legally binding form of communication that is also easy to use and commonplace. The Axpo Group faxes thousands of documents such as quotations, orders and order confirmations, invoices and dunning letters every month. Up until now the energy company used its own fax server, but this was unable to clearly map transmission errors which, in turn, caused particular problems when sending alerts and support tickets. Axpo also found that running a fax infrastructure was an increasingly complex and costly task. Retarus Faxolution for SAP makes all of these problems a thing of the past as Axpo no longer has any maintenance work to perform, nor does it have to bear any fax server operating costs. On top of that, Axpo can now rely on seamless documentation of its entire fax communication processes.

September 10, 2013  //  Encryption  //  Key Management  //  Data Protection  //  Certificates

High-end encryption for business communications

Sensitive data is generally reliably protected against unauthorized access. However, this is only the case as long as the data remains within the company’s internal IT architecture. When this type of data leaves a company’s own IT infrastructure, any type of protection falls away. In order to protect electronic communications against unauthorized access, carefully thought-out encryption systems are required to reliably prevent undesired access and espionage. Retarus is the world’s only provider to offer appropriate and easy-to-operate options for encrypting all electronically transmitted business data. Whether data is sent by email, fax, SMS or via EDI, Retarus provides maximum protection for every scenario. Managed services from Retarus contain the option of operating a professional encryption infrastructure. This means that Retarus’ clients do not have to take on any administration work, such as complex and time-consuming key and certificate administration.

August 12, 2013  //  Compliance  //  Email Routing   //  EU Data Protection Directive  //  Data Protection

Retarus supports clients in fulfilling international compliance guidelines

Retarus supports companies in fulfilling wide-ranging compliance requirements resulting from international regulations such as GLBA, HIPAA, HITECH, FINRA, PCI DSS, FERPA, FACTA or the EU Data Protection Directive. Amongst other things, Retarus offers companies domain and user-based email routing. In this way, internationally active companies can ensure that emails which may not leave a country due to legal requirements are not routed through other nations.


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