Business documents are sent directly from your applications via the Retarus Fax Cloud.
Reliable, secure, cost effective, and easy to use because it’s operated without managing your own fax server!

Transparency and control by valuable statistics

The leading fax service for your business applications.

According to studies conducted by market researchers Forrester Research and SoftSelect, more efficient ERP connectivity and the reduction of ERP process costs are top on the agenda of more than 80 percent of IT managers. With the Retarus Fax-Services for Applications, you can send faxes easily and securely directly from your business software via the Retarus Fax Cloud. We offer the highest transmission reliability and availability, and unlimited fax capacity, ensuring critical business processes are never interrupted and run faster. Retarus provides the best quality and fastest delivery of information to your customer-supplier network. Never run into peak load times again and if you have batch jobs or fax campaigns from your business applications, don’t worry about the capacity – we handle all of that so you can focus on your core business – and you get immediate status of the jobs you submit.

Absolute control through transparent processes.

Absolute transparency provides confidence in automated services, especially when outsourcing mission critical parts of your business communications. The Retarus Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS) offers powerful analysis functions with detailed reports on all of the services Retarus provides. Whether real-time monitoring, updated daily delivery statistics or monthly itemized statements - you always know how many documents your system has sent and whether the documents have been received by your partners. This allows you to see exactly how your communications are evolving and if there is a need for improvement. The EAS provides is the most unique portal on the market today because it gives process transparency and delivers you total control of your enterprise-wide fax solutions.

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Here´s how it works.

Retarus Faxolution for Applications
Live monitoring view via the EAS portal

The benefits speak for themselves.

HIPAA & Hi-Tech compliant - with Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
Send documents directly from your business software
Compatible with all ERP, CRM, Legacy and host applications
Capacity on Demand: No impact on resources at peak load times
Absolute control with real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis
No fax server, hardware or software required
Flexible integration with standardized interfaces
Emergency-Implementation within four hours

Live monitoring view via the EAS portal

Fax-Services for Applications: Suitable for any business document.

Requests, order confirmations, purchase Requests, order confirmations,
purchase orders, order changes order changes

JIT delivery, credit notes, Kanban documents, bills of lading
Packing lists, delivery reminders, scheduling agreement releases
Forecast delivery schedule, delivery summaries, reminders
Return packing slips, transfer orders

Send documents directly from your business applications - efficient, secure, and innovative.

According to a survey of IT analysts, many businesses run mission-critical fax applications on outdated equipment. Market research firms recommend switching to professional cloud fax services or managed services. Benefit from the latest technology with Fax-Services for Applications. Give us a call today to see how we can help improve your business processes!

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All formats - all languages.

Retarus Fax-Services for Applications supports all popular file formats such as DOC(X), XLS(X), PDF, RTF, Postscript, PCL, HTML, Text / ASCII as well as JPG, BMP, and TIFF.  Due to our Unicode capability, you can easily integrate your partners and subsidiaries all over the world. Whether Arabic, Chinese, Russian, etc. - problems with processes across national borders are a thing of the past.

  • General Funcitons

    • Send faxes directly from your business applications
    • Feedback on the status of your fax documents
    • Ability to support overlays (pre-defined templates)
    • Support of transmission priorities and configurable fax start times
    • Extensive reports, statistics and analysis
    • Monitoring of all faxes in real time
    • Billing directly on the system and client level with cost center support
    • Monthly itemized statements

  • Systems, Formats, Interfaces

    Supported Systems

    • All major ERP systems
    • All major CRM systems
    • Legacy systems
    • Host-based applications

    Communication Interfaces

    • (s)FTP
    • SOAP
    • HTTP/S
    • MQSeries
    • VPN (IPSec) after RFC 2401
    • SMTP


    • PDF
    • Microsoft Office formats
    • PCL
    • PostScript
    • HTML
    • Text/ASCII
    • JPG
    • BMP
    • TIFF

    Supported Character Sets

    • ISO 8859-1 through 8859-16
    • Unicode

  • Infrastructure & Technology

    With Retarus Fax-Services for Applications, you send your business documents via the Retarus Fax Cloud. Our infrastructure ensures fast, error-free delivery with fax status directly into your system.

    • Six data centers worldwide
    • Redundant infrastructure with real-time synchronization
    • Active multi-carrier management for high availability and transaction security
    • Capacity on demand - no more capacity constraints for peak times
    • Up to 99.9 percent delivery rate with Intelligent Delivery Technology
    • HIPAA and Hi-Tech compliant
    • Intelligent Retry algorithms

  • Optional Services

    With Retarus Fax-Services for Applications you can also send SMS messages and emails (regardless of your mail infrastructure) directly from your systems. In addition, the Retarus eSign and Retarus Managed EDI Services can be added at any time.

    • Digital signature available for electronic billing with Retarus eSign
    • Send emails directly from your system with insert capability for disclaimers
    • Send SMS messages directly from your system
    • Fax reception via  Fax-to-email

  • System Requirements

    • IP connection to Retarus - Internet (VPN), ENX, leased line, MPLS

Retarus Faxolution for Applications

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Case Studies: Each customer is a recommendation

Organizations from all industries and of all sizes utilize the Retarus communication platform to optimize their business and messaging processes. Our case studies provide examples of how organizations have utilized the Retarus suite of services to meet their companies messaging requirements.

Interflora Fleurop

Ordered. Delivered. Smooth order processing at Interflora
thanks to Retarus Managed Cloud Fax Services.

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For user manuals and technical information on our services, please visit Retarus' Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS).


Case Studies

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