Enterprise Fax Services for desktop messaging.
Seamlessly integrated into your environment - reliable, secure and efficient.

Fax-Services for Exchange: Intuitive fax solutions with seamless integration

Enterprise Fax Services - up and running in less than 48 hours

IT analysts recommend consolidating IT infrastructures by replacing fax servers with cloud-fax services. Advantages include - high reliability, no capacity constraints and greater flexibility, e.g. when migrating to Voice over IP services. With Retarus' Fax Services for Desktops, you can send faxes natively from Exchange environments, Lotus Notes, MS Office or any other Windows application - without operating a proprietary fax server. Incoming faxes can be sent to any email account, integrated into existing workflow systems, delivered to your Sharepoint server or sent to your archiving infrastructure. With Retarus Cloud Fax you obtain unlimited fax capacity without additional investment in hardware, software, maintenance, licenses or fax lines.

Faxing efficiently from the desktop

With native integration in popular email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, and our integration into Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel, faxing business messages from your desktop environment has never been easier. Whether you are sending individual faxes or campaigns to large distribution lists with fax and email addresses, Retarus makes it easier and more efficient. We offer you error free deliveries with unlimited scalability, 100% availability as of 2003, and delivery rates of up to 100 %.

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Here´s how it works.

Here´s how it works.

Sending documents from your desktop -
efficient, secure and innovative

According to IT analysts, many companies are running business critical fax applications on outdated equipment. They recommend switching to professional cloud fax services or managed services. Learn how you will always benefit from the best technology on the market by utilizing Retarus' Fax Services for Desktop. We are here to assist you.

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The benefits speak for themselves.

Native integration with all email clients and Office environments
Unlimited capacity with the Retarus Fax Cloud
Highest levels of availability and error-free transmissions
Maximum control with real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis
Transparent billing with cost center support (pay per use)
Custom cover pages with design control via our administration portal
Easy to use and simple to implement - even for thousands of users


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Optimum quality for your mission critical applications.

All services are developed by Retarus and operated in our proprietary data centers, which are subject to the strictest data protection regulations. We can even support the most complicated border-crossing requirements as well as comply with all US security regulations including SOX, HIPAA and Hi-Tech. We offer the highest quality, total transparency, maximum control and the greatest efficiency on the market today. You will benefit from continuous development of our solutions and will always use the latest technology. Receive all updates at no additional charge or impact to your business. Whether comparing us to any in-house fax server or any other service provider, Retarus will always be the best choice!

Fax-Services for Desktops - detailed service features.

  • Fax-Services for Exchange

    The professional cloud fax service with a native connection to your Microsoft Exchange environment.

    • Seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, certified by Microsoft
    • Send faxes directly from MS Exchange based applications, (MS Outlook, MS Dynamics)
    • Integration with the Outlook address book
    • Supported formats include: HTML, PDF, RTF, DOC,(X), XLS(X), PPT(X) and others
    • Adjustable user rights and user profiles
    • Automatic user synchronization with Active Directory and LDAP
    • Reviewed by market research firm Gartner
    • HIPAA and Hi-Tech compliant - Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

    More on Retarus Fax-Services for Exchange

  • Fax-Services for Notes

    Built to meet the needs of Lotus Notes users.

    • Client based solution without interfering with server tasks
    • No changes to the mail template
    • Integration with the Notes address book
    • Integration into Notes applications such as CRM systems
    • Supported formats include: HTML, PDF, TIFF, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X) and others
    • Automatic user synchronization with Domino name and address book

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  • Faxolution for Windows

    Fax documents from any Windows based application using our optional print driver software.

    • Fax directly from your Windows desktop
    • Fax directly from Microsoft Office or any other Windows based applications
      (e.g. CRM systems)
    • Support for Mail Merge functionality within MS Word, which allows high levels
      of personalization
    • Immediate feedback on the status of sent messages right from the Faxolution software
    • Ability to schedule delivery of faxes - even if your computer is off line
    • Support for do not call lists
    • Supported formats include: HTML, PDF, TIFF, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X) and others
    • Able to be rolled out to thousands of users using any scripting software

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  • Retarus Mail-to-Fax

    The universal interface for efficient desktop fax messaging from any email client.

    • Send faxes from any email client  and any application
    • Support for mixed addressing of faxes and emails
    • Receive fax confirmations via email in the sender's selected language
    • Feature control via commands in the subject line
    • Set optional usage permissions and users profiles via the administration portal

    More on Retarus Faxolution for Mail-to-Fax

  • Retarus Fax-to-email

    Inbound faxes are delivered to the users electronic mailbox, integrated directly into existing workflow systems, or routed to archive systems; all by our inbound fax services Fax-to-email or Fax2FTP.

    • Digital fax reception directly within the email inbox
    • Fax information is provided in the languages of choice in the email
      and optionally embedded within the fax for easy tracking
    • Detailed reporting and real-time monitoring of incoming fax messages
    • Optional backup and archiving of incoming faxes
    • Fax routing to a printer or FTP directory
    • Automated synchronization of reception numbers via LDAP or Active Directory
    • Text and barcode recognition features utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    More about Retarus Inbound Fax Services

  • Infrastructure and Technology

    With Faxolution for Desktops you can send your fax documents via the Retarus fax cloud without any hardware, software or additional infrastructure. Our Cloud Fax offering enables fast, accurate delivery of documents and ensures direct status feedback to your users or systems.

    • Six data centers worldwide
    • Redundantly designed infrastructure with real-time synchronization
    • Active Carrier Management with connectivity via multiple phone carriers
    • Capacity on demand - no problems with large volumes at peak load times
    • Up to 100 percent deliverability with Intelligent Delivery Technology
    • Intelligent retry algorithms

Here´s how it works.

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For user manuals and technical information on our services, please visit Retarus' Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS).


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