Benefit from the world's first SAP-certified fax service:
Send fax communications directly from SAP systems through the Retarus Fax Cloud.
Retarus' managed service is reliable, secure, cost effective and requires no fax hardware, software or specialized licensing.

Send and receive faxes directly from SAP

The leading fax service for SAP users.

Studies by Forrester Research and SoftSelect found that more than 80% of IT managers list a more efficient ERP connectivity and the reduction of ERP process costs as their biggest focus. With the Retarus Fax-Services for SAP, you can send faxes directly from your SAP system effectively and securely over the Retarus Fax Cloud. Certified by SAP, this managed service provides the highest transmission security and availability, as well as nearly unlimited fax capacity. Critical business processes are initiated and run faster, therefore enduring the best quality and timeliness of information to your customer-supplier network. Messaging during peak times, batch jobs or CRM campaigns will be processed without any delays. With Fax-Services for SAP you receive real-time reports directly into your SAP system, making Retarus the best choice!

Absolute control through transparent processes.

In order to provide confidence, especially with the outsourcing of mission-critical parts of corporate communications, absolute transparency is crucial. To meet the level of confidence you expect, Retarus has created our Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS), which offers powerful analytical tools and detailed reports on all of the services we provide. From real-time monitoring to daily or monthly itemized reports - you always know how many documents your systems has sent and if these documents were successfully delivered. This allows you to oversee exactly how your communication is evolving and if there is something in the process that needs to be modified. The EAS portal is unique to the market because it offers complete process transparency and allows you to effectively control your enterprise-wide faxing solution.

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Retarus Faxolution for SAP
Transparency and control by valuable statistics

The benefits speak for themselves.

Send mission critical documents directly from SAP
Highest transaction security, availability and deliverability
Capacity on Demand: No impact on resources at peak load times
Maximum control with real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis
Native integration into the SAP environment without any changes to the system
Support for Secure Network Communications (SNC)
No fax server needed, no hardware or software to install and manage
Emergency-Implementation within four hours
SAP-certified since 2001, Unicode ready

Live Monitoring

Retarus Fax-Services for SAP: suitable for any type of document.

Requests, order confirmations, purchase orders, order changes
JIT delivery, credit notes, Kanban documents, packing lists
Shipping notes, delivery reminders, scheduling agreement releases
Forecast delivery schedule, delivery summaries, reminders
Return packing slips, transfer orders

Document delivery from SAP - efficient, innovative and built for the future.

Do you have questions, need further information or would like to take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee? Just give us a call! We are glad to have either an in person meeting or phone conversation to discuss your organizations messaging needs. We are here to help and provide you with the highest quality and greatest transparency, as we have been doing with our 4,700 customers worldwide.

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Case Studies

Retarus Intelligent Delivery Technology: 99.9 percent delivery rate.

Many companies rely on batch-oriented generation delivery of documents from their SAP systems. These batch jobs are often time sensitive and delivered to the same fax numbers, which could result in capacity constraints on the receiving side. Our Intelligent Delivery Technology eliminates this problem and provides you prompt, accurate fax delivery with a success rate of up to 99.9 percent.

  • General Features

    •     Fax delivery directly from the SAP system
    •     Ability to send fax campaigns directly from the SAP CRM module
    •     Status confirmations of fax delivery including SAP ID directly into SAP
    •     Ability to support SAP routers and load balancing groups
    •     Support of SAP priorities
    •     Extensive reporting, statistical tracking and analytics
    •     Real-time monitoring of outbound fax messages
    •     Billing on the system and client level with cost center support
    •     Adaptable and future-oriented software developed in-house
    •     Over 1,000 systems already connected to Retarus
    •     Implementation in less than 48 hours with no changes to your SAP system

  • Systems, Formats, Interfaces

    Supported Systems

    • SAP R/3
    • SAP NetWeaver
    • mySAP ERP
    • and more

    Communication Interfaces

    • SAP Connect (RFC, BC-Con)
    • Secure IP-connectivity (VPN)


    • PDF
    • PCL5 und higher
    • Postscript Level 2 and above
    • Microsoft Office formats

    Supported Character Sets

    • ISO 8859-1 bis 8859-16
    • Unicode

  • Infrastructure & Technology

    With Retarus Fax-Services for SAP, you simply send your mission critical business documents via the Retarus Fax Cloud. The Retarus infrastructure enables fast, error-free delivery with status updates directly into your SAP system.

    • 6 data centersworldwide
    • Redundant infrastructure with real-time synchronization
    • Active multi-carrier management for high availability and transaction security
    • Capacity on demand - fast and uninterrupted delivery during peak times, batch runs and high volumes
    • Up to 99.9% delivery rates with our Intelligent Delivery Technology
    • Intelligent Retry algorithms

  • SAP Certification

    Retarus Fax-Services for SAP is SAP-certified since 2001 and is the first cloud-fax service that SAP has officially confirmed as Unicode-capable. Even if your business documents use different fonts, you can still send them directly from your SAP system. Cross-functional business processes and multi-national business units can send documents from the same SAP system with no changes by utilizing the Retarus Fax Cloud and our Fax-Services for SAP solution.

    • SAP-certified interface "SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver"
    • Unicode ready

  • Additional Options

    Retarus Fax-Services for SAP allow you to send faxes, SMS messages and emails, regardless of your email infrastructure, directly from your SAP system. A direct connection can also be made to use Retarus eSign and Retarus Managed EDI Services at any time.

    • Qualified digital signature for electronic billing with Retarus eSign
    • Send emails directly form SAP with your company disclaimer
    • Send SMS messages directly from your SAP system
    • Fax reception via Fax2SAP or fax-to-email

  • System Requirements

    •     IP connection to Retarus - Internet (VPN), ENX, leased line or MPLS

Retarus Faxolution for SAP

Know-how and experience since 1992.

With over 1,000 connected SAP systems, Retarus Messaging Services for SAP are the world’s leading managed service for sending documentation directly from SAP. Businesses in all ranges of industries and sizes have successfully reduced their process costs thanks to Retarus Messaging Services for SAP. Please contact us today to learn how we can help you do the same for you and your business.

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Case Studies

Case Studies: Each customer is a recommendation

Organizations from all industries and of all sizes utilize the Retarus Fax Cloud to optimize their business and messaging processes.  Our case studies provide examples of how organizations have utilized the Retarus suite of services to meet their companies messaging requirements.


Just in Time: Sending faxes from SAP. Retarus Fax-Services for SAP at AGCO/Fendt.

Industry: Manufacturing/Mechanical


Retarus Managed Fax Services at Honda: Transparent, scalable, directly from SAP

Industry: Manufacturing/Automotive


Case Studies

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For user manuals and technical information on our services, please visit Retarus' Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS).


Case Studies

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