Optimize your business processes with enhanced inbound faxing directly to your desktop or application.
Make your workflow process more efficient with our OCR and barcode recognition features and
increase productivity with the ability to add comments to incoming faxes.

Electronic Fax Reception-Enterprise ready in less than 48 hours.

With Retarus Inbound Fax Services you receive traditional faxes reliably and quickly regardless of your telephone network configuration. Faxes are sent directly to the email inbox of the intended recipient, so no more waiting at the fax machine or looking through stacks of paper for your fax. Alternatively, they are sent directly to your business application for further processing. The Retarus cloud fax services support SMTP, HTTP(S), (S)FTP or Web Service. If you already have established numbers Retarus can manage them for you on our network or provide our unique VOIP solution that allows you to retain all of your fax numbers.

Retarus Fax-Inbound-Reporting: Inbound fax communications in detail and tracked to the exact second.

Take control of your fax communications.

We offer Optical Character Recognition (OCR), so that companies concerned about scanning emails for content, can now include all faxes as part of the data protection programs. We also offer individual Smart Routing functions. With the Retarus fax cloud, you never have to worry about capacity, redundancy, or security because we take care of all of that for you! Our web based administration portal, which provides total transparency into your messaging process, ensures you always know that status of your fax communications and also our network, which has not experienced an outage in 8 years.

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Optimize workflows and increase productivity

Our OCR feature allows incoming faxes to be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. The text and barcode recognition feature is extremely accurate - up to 99 percent of the material contained in the fax is correctly recognized. This allows you to easily automate your fax process. There is no more re-keying of data or correcting mistyped entries. The OCR feature also permits extraction of key fields, like zip codes, customer number, or any other unique identifier so you can route the messages exactly where they need to go. If you have a need to archive and index your faxes for compliance, the OCR feature is a perfect fit.

Learn All the advantages of electronic fax reception!

If you are like most organizations, the faxes you receive drive your business. By using the Retarus fax cloud, each employee can be assigned their own personal fax number so they can receive faxes securely, process them when they need to be, and with access to our productivity features, like OCR, reduce time spent on manual processing. We are so confident that you will love our fax services we provide a 30 day money back guarantee!

The benefits speak for themselves.

Fax-to-email: electronic fax received directly in the email inbox
Fax2Applications: fax reception via FTP, HTTP, SMTP, or SOAP
Quick implementation with no need for hardware or software
Highest transaction security and availability
Detailed reporting, and real-time monitoring of your incoming faxes
Text and barcode recognition for optimum workflow integration
HIPAA & Hi-Tech compliant - with Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
Transparent billing


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Flexible configuration, maximum transparency.

With our web-based administration portal you can manage all of your users in real-time. The portal allows you to track messages, assign numbers to new users, redirect numbers to another user and enable features like OCR. We also support directory synchronization with LDAP or Active Directory so you never have to worry about user administration!

  • Retarus Fax-to-email

    Receive electronic faxes directly to your email inbox. Each employee can have their own fax number. Alternatively, we receive the faxes centrally and forward them to the correct individual depending on the sender’s number, for example.

    • Detailed reporting and real-time monitoring of incoming messages
    • Automated synchronization of the receiving numbers with LDAP or Active Directory
    • Easy management for centralized numbers
    • Smart Routing based on the calling number
    • Text and barcode recognition (OCR)
    • Multiple encryption options
    • Backup and archiving of incoming faxes is available
    • HIPAA and Hi-Tech compliant

  • Retarus Fax2Printer

    Do you still need the faxes printed out but hate managing all of the fax machines? Then Retarus' Fax2Printer service is the right choice for your business. Retarus’ cloud fax service will receive all of your fax documents and print them directly to one or more of your printers. If you wish, we can simultaneously route the electronic copies via email for safe keeping.

    • Transaction security and backup capability for incoming faxes
    • Flexible connectivity with support for all standard network and printing protocols
    • Fast data transfer via PCL
    • Parallel delivery of faxes by email
    • Encrypted transmission options

  • Fax2Applications

    Retarus can handle all of your mission critical faxes, regardless of how much capacity you need, and our system's architecture will ensure you never lose a fax! Automate delivery right into your back-end system, utilizing one of the many different transports including (s)FTP, HTTP/S, SMTP and Web Services.

    • Detailed reporting and real-time monitoring of incoming fax messages
    • Highest levels of transaction security and availability
    • Automated processing for integration into workflows
    • Retain your existing fax numbers
    • Text and barcode recognition feature (OCR)
    • Backup feature of incoming faxes

  • Retarus IP-Fax

    If you currently utilize VOIP for your voice services and would like to implement a Fax over IP solution, Retarus' cloud fax services can provide the ultimate solution. Retarus, a leader in fax innovation, has integrated our platform with IP technology in order to process your inbound calls and then route them to you electronically. You will no longer need to maintain fax lines or buy special Fax over IP equipment. Let Retarus start managing your fax needs today!

    • Global connection to the Retarus Fax-Cloud via T.38 or G.711
    • Highest levels of transaction security and availability
    • Secure and reliable fax reception
    • Maintain your own fax numbers
    • Eliminate the cost of traditional fax servers
    • Unlimited capacity with a pay for use model

  • System Requirements

    • Email inbox for reception of electronic copies via email
    • Internet connection for downloading  the faxes via FTP

Here´s how it works.

Learn more. We want to hear from you!

Do you have questions, need further information or would like to take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee? Just give us a call! We are glad to have either an in person meeting or phone conversation to discuss your organization's messaging needs. We are here to help and provide you with the highest quality and greatest transparency, as we have been doing with our 4,700 customers worldwide.

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For user manuals and technical information on our services, please visit Retarus' Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS).


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