Streamlined workflow for email: The solution provides reliable processing of large emails
while minimizing the load on infrastructure and creating a high acceptance amongst users.

A solution for large emails: instead of receiving them in the inbox, just download them

Flexible configuration with reliable reception of large emails.

Receiving large emails puts strain on your email infrastructure and causes significant backup expenses; this is why so many businesses have established size limits for incoming email. These size limits usually cannot be configured; any email that exceeds the defined size is automatically blocked. This can cause irreparable harm to critical departments. With Retarus Large E-Mail Handling, you are in control of all incoming messages. You decide from which file size you want us to forward emails to you as a download file – and you can also customize settings based on different users or user groups. This way, you will be able to receive even large messages such as applications, statements, drawings, or patents despite the mailbox defined size limit.

User-friendly with a high acceptance rate.

With Retarus’ Large E-Mail Handling, the unnoticed blocking of business-related emails is now a thing of the past. Recipients of large emails will be notified immediately and will have quick and easy access to the message and its attachments. The recipient will receive a notification via email which allows him/her to download the message when needed. This way you not only minimize the strain on your infrastructure, but also eliminate delays in email processing and reduce your storage costs. Compliance with email policies is facilitated, the user’s acceptance increases. All messages and attachments are downloaded in encrypted form and go through Retarus’ multi-level virus protection and multilingual spam filters. Retarus Managed E-Mail Services always provide maximum protection for your infrastructure, along with detailed reports and extensive analysis.

Configuration options: individualized based on the business requirement.

The benefits speak for themselves.

Ability to handle any file size
Reliable reception of large emails
Consistent implementation of email policies
Time and productivity benefits for users
Relief of strain on email infrastructure and backup systems
Reduce storage costs and restore times
Customizable settings at user and group levels
Maximum security with encrypted transmissions

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