Secure email communication has been a business-critical factor for quite some time.

The webmail is used to exchange encrypted messages via a secure portal.

Protect your e-mail against unauthorized access

Companies use email for most of their internal and external communication. These emails often contain confidential information, personal data or other content not intended for the public eye. Sending an email is like sending a postcard: everyone involved in delivery or transport can read or even change the content and no one would know. A letter sent in an envelope is even more secure than an email because a normal email is always exposed.   

Encryption is a way to give the email an envelope and comply with the Federal Data Protection Act which requires suitable protective measures to be undertaken against unauthorized access when transmitting personal data. For it is only when suitable encryption systems are used that the right to privacy of correspondence, mail and telecommunications stipulated in the federal constitution is protected.  

The standards: S/MIME and PGP

S/MIME and PGP are the two de facto standards that exist in the area of email encryption today. Retarus makes use of these two standards to offer a sophisticated service (SAAS) which falls under its E-Mail Security service.

Digital signature

It goes without saying that the email encryption service can be used to sign outgoing emails with PGP or S/MIME certificates. The service doesn’t just encrypt emails, of course. The signature enhances the security of email communication and boosts the confidence of your communication partners.

The service

Retarus doesn't just assume responsibility for operations and encryption solutions, it also administers the keys for your users and communication partners. Finely tuned regulations ensure that confidential emails are prevented from being sent unencrypted.


The email encryption service can also be used over an integrated and secure web-based portal. Once the communication partner has the appropriate login information, he can access the confidential messages sent to him in his inbox on this portal. You are also out of harm's way when it comes to legal issues because Retarus is responsible for satisfying the regulations set forth in the German Teleservices Act in the operation of third-party mailboxes. As an ISP, we are subject to the relevant regulations, not you. This keeps you from having to deal with messy legal consequences and makes it much easier to operate the internal company e-mail infrastructure from a technical standpoint.

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