Effective marketing communication with on demand reporting including delivery, open rate and click tracking.
Email, fax and SMS in a single platform - web-based and intuitive.

Embed images directly into your email to present your corporate identity

Easy to use - quick to send - effective communication.

As marketing professionals are well aware, targeted personalized messaging delivered via the recipient’s preferred communication method generates maximum results. According to a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, the organizations that personalize their messages will increase customer orders by 57 percent. With Retarus WebExpress you can reach your target groups in the blink of an eye, addressing them personally and across multiple messaging channels including email, fax and SMS. The Retarus WebExpress service provides an intuitive web interface that allows you to create and personalize campaigns within two minutes – precisely and reliably. The professional transmission functions and the centralized administration ensure optimal targeting, direct control of results, and the highest response rates.

Ensure your messages are displayed in the exact format you intended!

With Retarus WebExpress you can embed images when sending email campaigns. This will help your newsletter and mailings by not having to reload the content of the images, and the recipient will see your corporate design as it was meant to be delivered. If you send emails with large files attached, the Retarus global platform will deliver them quickly and in their original format, regardless of how many recipients you're sending to. If you would like to learn more, our experts will be glad to assist with any questions you may have!

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Integration with Social Media to Maximize your Reach.

Now you can incorporate Twitter, Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn with your e-marketing and newsletters! Share your message instantly with Social Media!

Here´s how it works.

Retarus WebExpress
Blockierte Bilder, fehlende Inhalte - so muss Ihr Newsletter nicht ankommen.

The facts speak for themselves.

Email, fax and SMS campaigns from a single distribution list
Transmission of campaigns in under two minutes
Personalization across all delivery modes
Comprehensive reporting provides maximum transparency
Increased productivity with centralized mailing list- & templatemanagement
Embed images to represent your corporate identity
Subscription management with double opt in and opt out

Komfortable E-Mail-Erstellung in Retarus WebExpress

Retarus WebExpress - ideal for:

Newsletter, Mailings, Product information, Product introductions
Daily rates, Last minute training and event information
Press releases, Ad hoc publicity, Investor relations
Customer surveys, Database updates, Market research
Sales management, Employee information
Emergency notifications, Crisis information

The direct connection to your customer – personalized to get noticed.

We will be glad to discuss how our products can assist your organization during a personal meeting. We have helped all types of industries, and business processes become more efficient by using our global messaging services

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Case Studies

Fast delivery.

With Retarus WebExpress you can send out emails, faxes and SMS messages with a few clicks of the mouse. Reach your recipients exactly how they want to be reached – online, on their fax machines or on their mobile phones. Keep your contacts up to date in a single distribution list.

  • General Functions

    • Delivery of campaigns via email, fax and SMS
    • Delivery to different media  (mail and fax) within the same campaign
    • Preferred delivery method can be selected
    • Personalization of all three media types with support for all languages and character sets
    • Rapid delivery with a few clicks of the mouse
    • Schedule delivery times based on your business needs
    • Extensive preview and delivery testing capabilities to increase success rates
    • Support for blacklists - never send a message to blocked recipients
    • System identification of duplicate recipients using our two-stage review process
    • Detailed multi-media reporting with forwarding option
    • Central list management and template manager
    • Automatic review and classification of returned emails (Bounce Management)
    • Immediate email notification upon the completion of a campaign
    • Default settings can be configured to increase process efficiency
    • Unicode support
    • Language versions: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish

  • Distributions Lists and Blacklists

    • Supported list formats: XLS(X), CSV, TXT
    • Central list management
    • Automatic consistency validation
    • Definable column headings for personalization
    • Integration of list management with applications (CRM systems) via API

  • Email Transmission

    • Supported formats: HTML, TXT
    • WYSIWYG Editor with CSS support
    • Subscription management with Double-Opt-in and Opt-out capability
    • Individually configurable images and text blocks
    • Spam test that improves deliverability
    • Personalization of sender and receiver (subject line and body)
    • Test delivery to any email address
    • Detailed reporting including delivery statistics, Open Rate and Link Tracking
    • Bounce-Management
    • Support for embedding images

  • Fax Transmission

    • Supported files: PDF, TIF, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), TXT, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF
    • Intelligent Delivery Technology for delivery rates of up to 100% and error free fax delivery
    • Configurable CSID
    • Personalization of the fax header and fax body
    • Personalization fields positioned based on your needs
    • Automatically personalized response elements
    • Duplicate review based on fax numbers and reference IDs
    • Ability to send to different recipients with the same fax number
    • 18 fonts, including two barcode fonts

  • SMS Transmission

    • Extended SMS messaging for larger messages
    • Fonts: GSM-Standard, UTF-16
    • Support for Flash SMS for direct display on the receivers phone
    • Personalization data is extracted from a centralized distribution list
    • Ability to customize the source identifier
    • Preview and test delivery before sending your campaign
    • Optional delivery confirmation alerts

  • System Requirements

    • Internet access
    • Web browser with JavaScript enabled

Retarus WebExpress

The direct connection to your customer – personalized to get noticed.

We will be glad to discuss how our products can assist your organization during a personal meeting. We have helped all types of industries, and business processes become more efficient by using our global messaging services.

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Case Studies

Case Studies: Each customer is a recommendation

Organizations from all industries and of all sizes utilize the Retarus communication platform to optimize their business and messaging processes. Our case studies provide examples of how organizations have utilized the Retarus suite of services to meet their companies messaging requirements.

Thomas Cook

Retarus WebExpress makes it possible: Thomas Cook engaged in dialogue with 10,000 travel agencies


Case Studies

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For user manuals and technical information on our services, please visit Retarus' Enterprise Administration Services Portal (EAS).


Case Studies

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