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Transmitting Lab Results Securely Thanks to Retarus Cloud Fax Services

The Challenge

Digitization, increasing data volumes, and a continually expanding international network—the healthcare industry is currently experiencing a fundamental transformation. The use of innovative communication technologies should speed up workflows in labs, doctors’ offices and hospitals, while making life easier for doctors and patients as well as reducing operating costs. To ensure that the patient receives the right treatment in time, it is essential that lab results—often several dozen pages in length—reach the intended recipient quickly and securely. Healthcare companies also have to always guarantee protection of sensitive health information, as stipulated in numerous statutory regulations such as §203 of the German Penal Code, HIPAA, HITECH, and the European Data Protection Directive.

The Background

In many countries, the handling of personal data is subject to stringent requirements, which regulate email transmission strictly. That is why there is no better communication channel in the healthcare industry than fax for the reliable and secure transmission of sensitive documents. Until recently, laboratories used their own infrastructure for transmitting doctor’s reports. The problem is that fax servers are costly, and require a high level of maintenance and administrative effort. They also cause interface problems and result in cross-media disruption. Fax transmission through these types of on-premise systems is prone to failure, particularly in IP networks during peak times. As data volumes continue to rise, classic fax machines also require large quantities of paper, which poses an additional security risk for the exchange of sensitive information.

The Solution

Retarus Cloud Fax Services allow faxes to be sent and received securely and efficiently from Exchange environments, HCL Notes Domino or Windows applications. Incoming faxes can be forwarded directly to email inboxes, and integrated and archived in existing workflow systems. With these services, healthcare companies worldwide enjoy the best quality, maximum transaction security, highest delivery rates, and particularly fast and error-free fax delivery. A web-based portal offers comprehensive monitoring, with numerous configuration options, real-time monitoring and detailed reports. Retarus Cloud Fax Services is the solution for providing medical information by faxing doctor reports via secure communication channels.

Customer benefits

  • Increased efficiency in order processing
  • Quicker patient care
  • Fewer queries between doctors and labs
  • Unburdens lab employees
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Maximum transparency

Benefits at a Glance

Perfect integration with all email clients and office environments
Highest delivery rates
Maximum availability and error-free delivery
PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant cloud fax services which also comply with HITECH, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.
Processed in local data centers in region of choice
Company requires no fax infrastructure

Use Case

Data security and patient rights are of the utmost importance in the healthcare industry. With Retarus Cloud Fax Services, healthcare companies can ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. The fax document is delivered as a PDF attachment directly to the email client of the intended recipient. This means that the risk of unauthorized persons viewing the fax is significantly lower than is the case with conventional, paper-based faxes. The services fulfill the highest requirements for secure transmission of personal data, complying with HIPAA, HITECH and the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), and are operated in highly secure Retarus data centers worldwide. Data is processed in accordance with the applicable local data protection regulations. 

More info

Companies benefit not only when receiving documents, but also when sending them. Thanks to the Retarus Never Busy Technology, even a doctor’s office with only one telephone and fax number can receive faxes reliably and in a timely manner. With traditional solutions, transmission often fails because the line is busy, when lab reports for several patients from the same practice are sent shortly after one after another, even if an automatic redial function is available. Retarus ensures that faxes are sent automatically in quick succession, significantly lowering the failure rate in fax transmission. In addition, Retarus dimensions carrier connections, so that even during peak loads the optimal bandwidth is available at all times and capacity bottlenecks are avoided.

Retarus Cloud Fax Services can be implemented in just a few hours and can easily be connected via all common protocols. This also benefits large international laboratory networks which require a uniform solution quickly at all locations. No additional investment is needed in hardware, updates, maintenance and cables, meaning medical organizations can permanently reduce operating costs and guarantee focused and efficient patient treatment.

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Did You Know?

Thanks to Never Busy Technology developed by Retarus, fax transmission failure rates can be reduced by up to 10%.

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