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Zero Trust: Recent Cyber Attacks Call for Modular Email Security Platforms

The security mechanisms offered by inflexible on-premises infrastructures or the usual cloud office solutions are often insufficient in protecting your organization and combating such attacks. For the protection they crucially require, companies are better advised to look to flexible cybersecurity services which are focused on email security and the increasingly prevalent Microsoft 365 Security.

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City of New Orleans, University of Giessen, Fürth Hospital Fall Victim to Cybercrime – Who’s Next in Line?

The computers at the Justus-Liebig University in Giessen have been offline for days. Last week, Klinikum Fürth (a large municipal hospital in southern Germany) was forced to disconnect from the emergency care services network. On the very same day, the City of New Orleans was caused to take precautionary steps after a virus had been discovered. Attacks on communal institutions and services around the globe are indeed becoming ever more frequent.

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