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Retarus Managed Capture Services: Digitize documents and transmit data in a structured manner

In many cases, suppliers or customers simply do not have the capability to digitize data and transmit it in a structured manner. As a result, you have to capture documents such as orders and bills yourself. This causes substantial efforts and costs, while also delaying your processes considerably. It is also not uncommon for potential errors in the data entry to cause constant annoyance in business relationships with partners. Retarus Managed Capture Services help you to overcome these challenges.

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Business Trends

Finance: Digitization starts with communication processes

Multichannel communication, online and mobile payment options and increasingly stringent regulatory provisions: Finance institutions are certainly not lacking in challenges. At the same time, the way in which customers communicate with their banks is undergoing significant change. Banks are compelled to react to these new market conditions more quickly and flexibly than ever. They benefit from communication processes.

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Cloud News

Fax is a surprise guest at your Election Day Party

With the United States Presidential Election coming up on November 8th, many people are gearing up for the same thing: Election Parties. As with every four years, Election Parties big and small will rely on food delivery services as to not miss a minute of the action. But, what you might not realize as you eat pizza or wings, is that these food delivery services carefully leverages faxing services to provide high levels of scalability.

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