The Retarus Career Team welcomes you!

Your personal development takes center stage. The Retarus Career Team aims to provide you with individual support in developing your skills and abilities.

Maximilian Bergmann

Maximilian Bergmann is interim Director HR and reports directly to the CEO. He has been with Retarus since 2010 and is responsible for HR for the Sales and Marketing departments. In addition, he supports Christine in recruiting employees for IT/technology. During and after completing his degree in psychology, he gained experience in market research, employee development, and aptitude diagnostics.

Anja Heinz

Anja Heinz is responsible for HR management in Australia, France, Austria, Switzerland and Singapore. Prior to joining the company in 2012, she studied educational theory, psychology, and intercultural communication, while gaining her practical experience in HR development.

Christine Ottmar

Christine Ottmar has been working for Retarus since 2012 and is responsible for HR management for the IT/Technology, Software Development and Product Management departments. A graduate in HR management, Christine gained valuable experience working in various roles in staffing services, HR controlling and event management.

Fae Marshall

Fae Brown has been with Retarus since 2012 and is responsible for human resources in the USA and Canada. After gaining her degree in Biology, Fae gathered a wealth of experience in various positions including office management and sales.

Johanna Leitner

Johanna Leitner, who joined Retarus in 2013, is responsible for HR management in Italy, Spain and the UK. Johanna has a university degree and is experienced at managing international assignments and employee development.

Julia Meier

Julia Meier has been working for Retarus since 2015 and is responsible for employee and managerial development at Retarus. A graduate in media technology, media design and HR management, Julia also has a wide range of experience in consulting and project management.

Ursula Feldmann

Ursula Feldmann has been with the company since 2006 and is responsible for recruiting and supervising trainees and apprentices. A qualified industrial manager and Chamber of Commerce certified trainer, Ursula is highly experienced in trainee coaching, recruitment and HR administration.

Bianca Bacher

Bianca Bacher, our Director of HR, is currently on parental leave. She is responsible for the company’s international HR strategy and for recruiting executives and managers, as well as sales and administrative employees. Before joining Retarus in 2005, Bianca graduated with a degree in business administration and held various positions in HR marketing and HR development.

And not to be overlooked!
We are pleased to regularly have enthusiastic student trainees working in our HR department to support the Retarus Career Team.

Who’s my best point of contact in the Retarus Career Team?

At Retarus you always have one specific contact person to support you and oversee your application from the start. Each job posting lists the relevant contact person.

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