Arizona Chemical protects its intellectual property

Arizona Chemical is a leading producer and refi ner of pine chemicals. In choosing Retarus as its global IT partner, Arizona Chemical is boosting the security and data protection levels of its email communication and fax-based ordering processes.

Arizona Chemical

Chemical industry

Initial Situation

Highly sensitive business data
Arizona Chemical has over 1,000 employees worldwide and 10 manufacturing plants in the US and Europe, with a sales network covering more than 60 countries. The research and development of their innovative biocompatible products makes the company a prime target for industrial espionage. Their sensitive data has to be carefully protected, while guaranteeing that it can be transmitted fast and effectively at all times.


Protect business data against unauthorized access
Arizona Chemical requires a reliable technology to protect its data and email infrastructure against a constantly increasing number of attacks and online threats. In this context, one of the company’s priorities is to ensure end-to-end encryption of its communications with customers.

Thanks to Retarus, our business data is protected at all times. In addition, their support team is always available to assist us whenever we need them. Retarus provides unique turnkey solutions that work smoothly, just as they should.

Lars Leuchter, Director Global IT Infrastructure Services at Arizona Chemical

Primary Challenges

World-class services provide maximum data protection
Arizona Chemicals chose Retarus as a one stop shop that covers all their messaging needs, helps them optimize their IT security, consolidate their IT infrastructure and streamline all ordering process via fax. On top of this, Retarus provides Arizona Chemical with an email security package that extends beyond the usual standards, featuring a multilingual anti-spam service, multilevel antivirus protection, and effective data leakage prevention.


Reliable protection for business communications
Retarus’ managed services allow Arizona Chemical to significantly reduce the complexity of its IT systems while also ensuring maximum IT security. All of the company‘s email and fax communications are protected around the clock and safeguarded against data theft throughout the entire transmission process. When it comes to faxes, Arizona Chemical enjoys a boost in performance coupled with the power and convenience of the globally available Retarus Fax Cloud.

Cost savings though outsourcing
By outsourcing its centralized communication components, Arizona Chemical is not only streamlining its communication processes, but also reducing the burden on its IT infrastructure and increasing security. Implementing Retarus’ services and removing its former fax infrastructure helps to drastically reduce the amount of administrative work and operation costs. By utilizing Retarus managed services, Arizona Chemical has reduced its overall CAPEX.

Key Benefits

  • IT infrastructure consolidation
  • Best-of-breed email security
  • Maximum protection for sensitive business data
  • Cost savings and reduction in administration work
  • Detailed reporting and analysis features


Innovative and reliable security technology
Retarus uses coordinated multilayer security technologies to protect Arizona Chemical‘s IT infrastructure. All of the components used ensure smooth email and fax communications while meeting the company‘s global security standards.

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