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Since 1948 the Austrian company AVL List GmbH has been optimizing all manner of drive systems, developing simulation methods as well as designing measuring and inspection systems as the world’s largest independent developer of automobile propulsion technology. The safety factor in their communications plays a crucial role in these procedures. Another good reason for AVL to rely on Retarus’ impressive messaging expertise.

AVL List GmbH


Initial Situation

Exchanging data securely
The staff of 6,200 employed by the specialist headquartered in Graz, Austria, need to be able to communicate with each other efficiently and safe from unauthorized access. They interchange highly sensitive data and information about the simulation methods required in the development process around the globe. Smooth and, crucially, secure communication within the company as well as with manufacturers and suppliers is of critical importance in facilitating this process.


Protection from internet dangers
For AVL safeguarding the electronic communications is of the utmost importance. Confidential data has to be protected from unauthorized access by means of appropriate encryption technologies. Unauthorized third parties should neither be able to read sensitive data, have the opportunity to falsify the data, nor send it using a fake user name. It is moreover essential to set up the email infrastructure in such a way as to withstand the hazards of the internet.

Easing the burden on servers
An additional aim was to take the strain off the email infrastructure. This was to be achieved by automatically rejecting falsely addressed emails prior to them reaching the email server. Messages sent to valid email addresses, however, had to be received directly at the central mail server in Graz from where they are distributed to the international mail hubs around the world. This would reduce the data volumes and accelerate processing times. As a result, the company’s mail servers would remain highly performant.

“The excellent sector-specific knowledge of Retarus’ experts, their broad know-how in the field of security combined with their detailed monitoring and reporting, offer a highly attractive and effective all-in-one solution for our email communication.”

Andreas Graf, Manager Strategic IT at AVL List GmbH

Primary Challenges

Bringing the infrastructure up to date
AVL List GmbH was faced with the challenging task of adapting their entire email system to meet the more demanding requirements that their electronic communication needed to fulfill. At the same time, it was of central importance to the development company to protect their know-how against industrial espionage by means of dependable encryption of business-critical email traffic. Retarus was able to offer a powerful, all-in-one service, which goes well beyond the email security features customarily on offer for spam and virus protection and which safeguards confidential information from unauthorized access.


Faster communication
The Retarus Directory Filter provided in the Retarus E-Mail Security service automatically rejects falsely addressed emails, thereby reducing the flood of messages flowing into the company. User-based routing unburdens the infrastructure further, as emails are distributed directly via the mail server in Graz to the correct recipients at the international offices in Europe, the US and Japan. This Retarus-specific configuration accelerates the communication significantly. In addition, the service can be controlled centrally in a customizable way using innovative email management functions.

Protection from unauthorized access
In order to guarantee ultimate levels of protection, Retarus set up connections to automobile manufacturers and suppliers by means of the hybrid encryption protocol TLS (Transport Layer Security). Additional security was offered by optional encryption with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) via Retarus E-Mail Encryption. These perfectly geared and aligned multi-layer security technologies ensure that AVL List GmbH is now in the position to exchange electronic messages both smoothly and securely.

Key Benefits

  • Protection against industrial espionage
  • Professional spam and virus protection
  • Unburdens the infrastructure through user-based Routing
  • Globally deployable email security solution
  • Transparent cost-structure based on actual use


Due to a highly specific and demanding catalogue of requirements, AVL List GmbH trusts in Retarus E-Mail Security for the outsourcing of its electronic communication. This service not only guarantees the smooth exchange of electronic messages, but moreover takes into account and covers the demanding security requirements of the multinational development enterprise.

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