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BaFin Conformant Security at LV 1871

Retarus Email Security ensures that LV 1871 has trouble-free, highly available email communication and a secure flow of information while at the same time complying with the stringent security requirements of the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin), the financial services regulator.

Lebensversicherung von 1871 a. G. München


Initial Situation

Internet Threats Endanger Electronic Business Correspondence

Email communication is business-critical for Lebensversicherung von 1871 a. G. München, abbreviated as LV 1871. The entire incoming and outgoing email based business correspondence with insurance customers and partners is exposed to numerous risks. Spam, virus and other malware endanger the security situation, place additional strain on the infrastructure and reduce staff productivity.


Concentrating on Core Competencies

As the safeguarding of the communication processes from internet threats does not exactly belong to the company’s core business, it was decided to outsource this function to a security specialist.

BaFin Conformant Security Including Data Privacy and Compliance

LV 1871 is subject to the provisions and regulations of the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin). These also comprise legal parameters for email communication as well as compliance with data privacy laws for electronic communication and their implementation in IT processes. In order to achieve the highest levels of security and availability for email systems, while also complying with all applicable data privacy guidelines and compliance provisions, LV 1871 decided to rely on Retarus Email Security.

”Due to their extensive experience in the finance and insurance sectors, Retarus is the ideal partner to implement BaFin’s complex requirements in a short space of time.”

Alexander Rose, Head of IT at LV 1871

Primary Challenges

From Standard Protection to High-End Security

Retarus Email Security was set up and activated within a few hours. Existing black and white list entries were automatically taken over. The integration of a multi-level rights concept for the first level support could also be implemented without any difficulties.

Seamless Integration into Notes Domino

Due to Retarus‘ comprehensive know-how regarding Notes Domino infrastructures, the service provider was able to effortlessly create a native connection to the Notes address book in order to reconcile the address books, while considering the group entries. All emails are run through carefully aligned multi-level filter mechanisms in Retarus’ data centers. Only business-relevant messages which are free of viruses reach LV 1871’s email server via a secure VPN connection. Retarus Email Security’s queueless design facilitates minimal throughput times for email.


Compliance, Performance and Encryption

Retarus Email Security provides LV 1871 with perfect protection from spam and malware, while also complying with any compliance provisions. Both staff and IT infrastructure are relieved of the additional burden, resulting in higher levels of productivity and availability of the email systems. Confidential information and personal data is safeguarded during transmission by means of encryption.

Maximum Process Transparency

Via the central administration platform EAS (Enterprise Administration Services), LV 1871 obtains detailed reporting and monitoring information, which provides clear insight into the effectiveness of the services employed and ensures a unique level of cost and process transparency.

Key Benefits

  • High-end e-mail security service conformant with finance regulations
  • Increases availability and takes strain off the IT infrastructure
  • Unburdens staff and raises productivity
  • Maximum cost and process transparency
  • Fulfills all compliance provisions
  • Ready to run, with option to administrate centrally

Compliant Implementation and Individual Support Ensure Project Success

Retarus fulfills the requirements outlined in the telecommunications law and those of BaFin, as well as the provisions regarding the implementation of compliance guidelines. The individual customer care and the highly qualified 24×7 support are the best foundation of trust for the execution of future projects.

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