Retarus offers Thomas Cook’s faxes and emails a smooth journey

As one of Europe’s leading travel agencies, Thomas Cook AG sends out numerous messages and circulars, containing sales and marketing campaigns, every month to over 10,000 travel agencies. In order to ensure that these critical messages are quickly and reliably received, regardless of the channel used, Thomas Cook AG chose to use Retarus’ WebExpress messaging platform.

Thomas Cook


Initial situation

Regular communication to boost service levels
The tourism sector is one of the main industries feeling the competitive pinch from digital sales channels. Travel agencies and tour operators simply aren’t able to compete on price with their online rivals. Instead, they look to provide an unmatchable top tier of service, such as delivering current and reliable information about destinations, special offers, and package deals, as well as arranging for complementary services, like rental cars and childcare. In order to achieve this, Thomas Cook AG regularly communicates with its many diverse global sales partners via fax and email.

Latest offers for 10,000 travel agencies
Thomas Cook’s dialog marketing department sends special offers via fax to around 10,000 travel agencies in Germany every month. Over a dozen campaigns, with up to 170,000 fax pages each, are sent out alongside specific sales information on behalf of the 1,200 travel agencies that are either directly affiliated with Thomas Cook or operating as a franchise.


Email and fax delivery from a single platform
For Thomas Cook, the main objective was to find a solution where both email and fax circulars could be sent from a single platform. Such a solution had to offer professional delivery functionality and centralized administration options as well as more efficient dialog marketing communication, improved response rates, and direct success level monitoring. Based on all of these requirements, Thomas Cook chose to go with Retarus WebExpress.

Retarus WebExpress is the ideal solution for us as we can use the various benefits of fax and email to great effect in our B2B communication processes.

Lea Halm, Head of Dialog Marketing, Thomas Cook AG

Primary Challenges

Personalized delivery on an individual basis
Retarus’ powerful web-based messaging platform is an easy-to-use campaign management tool for the combined dispatch of fax and email. The individual travel agencies can choose the medium via which they prefer to receive the relevant information from Thomas Cook. “Retarus WebExpress is the ideal solution for us as we can use the various benefits of fax and email to great effect in our B2B communication processes”, says Lea Halm, who was responsible for dialog marketing at Thomas Cook AG during the implementation phase. Thomas Cook’s individual organizational units compile the content for specific sales and marketing campaigns and send it to the company’s central dialog marketing department. The marketing team creates the corresponding fax and email distribution list from the CRM database, and sends out the personalized campaign via Retarus’ messaging infrastructure.


Perfectly informed at the right time
Retarus WebExpress enables the delivery of integrated communication campaigns in an individual and targeted manner by fax, email or SMS, no matter whether the campaigns are a direct mailing, ad-hoc publication, press release, staff update or crisis communication. The messaging platform provides a very simple user interface and is quick to implement. With Retarus, Thomas Cook does not require a dedicated communications infrastructure or fax lines. To manage complex mailing campaigns, all that is needed is a web browser. At the same time, analysis is child’s play as all campaigns can be monitored in real time, and historical transmission rates and details are provided on demand. Billing is completely transparent as the services are billed on a pay-per-use basis, making it easy to calculate costs in advance.

Key Benefits

  • Transmission of email, fax and SMS campaigns
  • Personalization of all three media channels from a single distribution list
  • Centralized administration and excellent usability via web browser
  • Detailed reports with resend option
  • Transparent pay-per-use billing
  • Available languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Retarus Services

Retarus WebExpress


Intuitively reach target groups within two minutes via a web browser
Marketing experts know that they’re far more likely to get their target groups’ attention by adopting a personal approach, such as contacting them via their preferred communication channel. Thanks to Retarus WebExpress, mailings can be intuitively, accurately, and reliably sent from a browser within two minutes. Thomas Cook AG only needs to perform a few clicks to reach its target groups via email, fax, and SMS, providing a more personal approach while benefitting from immediate success monitoring.

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