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For Human Resources ManagersEmployee Communication Made Easy.
Even in Times of Crisis.


The current pandemic presents many companies not only with economic challenges, but also with communication challenges. Every day, thousands of colleagues around the globe need to be kept up to date and supplied with important information. However, many Human Resources departments are not technically set up for such transitions.

Therefore, we’d like to make things a little easier for you. With Retarus WebExpress:

  • Inform employees reliably, anywhere and anytime
  • Send email, fax, and SMS from a single Web application
  • No installation necessary; ready for use immediately, independent of location
  • Intuitive; no special know-how required
  • Transmissions within two minutes with just a few clicks

Lots of information and too little time to share? Upon request, our Broadcast Team will be happy to support you personally in sending up-to-date information to your employees.

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