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Retarus Press Release:

Retarus facilitates and secures fax transmission of sensitive Henner Group documents

Migrating its fax communication to the cloud allows Henner to cut costs and optimize resources

Paris, 21.10.2016 // Fax messaging plays a central role in the communication between the Henner Group, its brokers and healthcare partners, especially when it comes to the transmission of official documents. In preparation for the move to digital transmission and with the goal of reducing costs, Henner Group began consolidating its IT systems a few months ago. They also chose to rely on Retarus, a leading global provider of cloud services for business communication, for virtualized incoming and outgoing fax services.

By virtualizing its fax servers, Henner Group has been able to reduce the costs associated with server maintenance, regular updates and the telecommunication lines connected to the servers (VoIP). Human resources have also been freed up for more projects directly related to the Henner Group’s core activities. By migrating its fax services to the cloud, Henner has managed to cut costs by around 25%.

Thanks to Retarus’ Cloud Fax Services, the French insurance group can now send and receive faxes either by email or by means of any business application. Thanks to cloud fax services, official documents can now be transmitted securely and reliably without requiring fax servers or having to invest in additional computer software or hardware.

“The documents we send by fax are usually business critical and must be exchanged securely and in compliance with the various directives and regulations governing our business activity. As a result, it is crucial that we call on experts such as Retarus, who are thoroughly aware of the importance of fax communications and can take charge of the entire platform, end to end,” explains André Bigot, Head of the Infrastructure and Production Division of the Henner Group.

“The exchange of official documents by fax is strategically important to the insurance industry, and we are delighted that Henner has chosen to rely on us for such a vital part of its business. This testimonial perfectly expresses the convenience, speed and simplicity of migrating from fax servers to cloud fax services without having to upgrade existing infrastructure and with no service disruption during the migration process,” explains Benoît Trémolet, General Manager of Retarus France.

Acerca de Retarus

Con sus excelentes soluciones y servicios, su infraestructura inteligente y sus tecnologías patentadas, Retarus gestiona la comunicación para empresas en todo el mundo. Las tecnologías de vanguardia, los centros de datos altamente disponibles y la innovadora Cloud Messaging Platform de Retarus ofrecen máximos niveles de seguridad y rendimiento, así como continuidad empresarial. Gracias a su experiencia en la gestión de flujos de información a nivel empresarial, Retarus se encarga de que toda información llegue de forma segura y fiable en el momento adecuado, al lugar adecuado y en el formato adecuado - desde 1992, y con 15 sucursales en cuatro continentes. Más de la mitad de las empresas del EURO STOXX 50 y el 25% de las del S&P100 confían en los servicios de Retarus. Entre los clientes se encuentran, entre otros, Adidas, Bayer, BNP Paribas, Bosch, Cepsa, Continental, DHL, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, Honda, Iberia Cargo, Línea Directa Aseguradora, Linde, PSA, Puma, Singapore Airlines, Sixt, T-Systems y Zeiss.

About Intelisys

Intelisys, a ScanSource company, is the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor of business communications services, including voice, data, access, cable, collaboration, wireless and cloud. Intelisys is dedicated to one thing – serving the needs and accelerating the success of the industry’s top producing telecom sales agents, IT Solution Providers, VARs, MSPs and integrators, as they leverage the power of recurring revenue in their businesses.
Today Intelisys is leading the way as its Sales Partners make the pivot and experience the shift away from traditional telco services into a new era of cloud-based solutions. Under contract with more than 130 of the world’s leading telecom carriers, cloud services providers and technology partners, Intelisys delivers the services end users demand exclusively through a network of Sales Partners, supporting those Sales Partners via the most exceptional back office support team ever assembled in the channel. To learn more, visit or talk to Intelisys at 800-615-8330.
Intelisys was acquired by ScanSource, a leading global provider of technology products and solutions, in August of 2016.

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