Webinar: Increase Your Deliverability

Learn how to get you emails to the recipient fast and reliably.

From newsletters and order confirmations to password resets and status notifications – fast delivery of transactional emails play an essential role in the customer journey.

High volumes, fast and reliable

With Retarus Email for Applications—part of Retarus Email Management Platform—you can send high volumes of emails directly from your business applications via the Retarus Enterprise Cloud. Unburden your own infrastructure, become a trusted sender and send transcational emails in compliance with local data protection regulations. Retarus processes your data in its own data centers—contractually agreed in the United States, Germany or Asia.

With Retarus Email for Applications you can send up to 10 million emails per hour during peak times, contractually guaranteed by your service level agreement. Business applications are connected via a modern REST/JSON API or directly via SMTP.

A short Q&A is right after the webinar.

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13:30 – 14:00 (CET)


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