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For security & risk professionalsPhishing Attacks Are Getting Smarter. But Luckily so Are Anti-Phishing Solutions.

Be sure your company has sufficient protection against phishing attacks. In the Forrester report, Now Tech: Antiphishing Solutions, you will learn what really matters when it comes to anti-phishing, what the different defense measures are, and who the key providers are.

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Why Should You Read the Forrester Report?

A business can’t run without email. At the same time, email is a cyber criminal’s favorite target. Phishing emails, a combination of a technical attack and social engineering, are still particularly challenging. That’s why companies need to have defense mechanisms in place that identify and block malicious emails, prevent spoofing, and sensitize employees to phishing techniques.

So who are the anti-phishing providers in the market? How are they characterized? How are they different in terms of offerings, size, and market presence? The Forrester report, Now Tech: Antiphishing Solutions, answers your questions. It confirms the importance of anti-phishing as part of a complete security concept, highlights the relevant players, and offers valuable recommendations for a successful anti-phishing strategy.

“Phishing remains one of the most prevalent, successful, and damaging threats to cyber security. It is also notoriously difficult to detect. Effective phishing detection and defense requires a combination of approaches.“

Source: Forrester report Now Tech: Antiphishing Solutions, Q1 2019

Retarus Named as a Sample Antiphishing Vendor in the Forrester Report “Now Tech: Antiphishing Solutions”.

With its Secure Email Platform, Retarus is the only European and family-owned company named in the Forrester report, Now Tech: Antiphishing Solutions, and is in the best of company as a member of the “Email Content Security Solutions” group of suppliers. From anti-virus, anti-spam, and phishing filters to URL rewriting, Impersonation Attack Detection, and Post Delivery Inspection through to Data Loss Prevention (DLP), email authentication, and email encryption; companies in this group of suppliers are known for their particularly comprehensive email security portfolios.

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Now Tech: Antiphishing Solutions, Q1 2019
Processes: The Security Architecture And Operations Playbook

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