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Fax Service Just in Time: AGCO/Fendt Sends Its Faxes Directly from SAP

There is no need to invest in a costly fax infrastructure (e.g. fax servers) to send more than 50,000 faxes a month from SAP systems. AGCO/Fendt, an internationally renowned manufacturer of agricultural equipment, utilizes Retarus Faxolution for SAP, the world’s first SAP-certified managed fax service.

Initial Situation

Build-To-Order with SAP

In 1997, Fendt, the leading German tractor business became part of the AGCO Corporation, a major worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment. Fendt is the corporation‘s high-tech brand for customers with highest demands, offering its products through a powerful sales network of more than 3,000 independent dealers, sales offices and license holders in over 140 countries. The highly sophisticated tractors are built to order based on customer specific requirements. The manufacturing process relies on a communication architecture that is reliable, flexible and resilient. Every single component ranging from drive trains to tiny screws have to be ordered and delivered at the right time by different suppliers. The AGCO Corporation uses SAP at each of its locations in order to ensure smooth process management and communications around the globe.


Low-Cost Alternative

Fendt utilizes twelve live SAP systems to log, call-off and confirm orders. The amount of these processes increased as the supply chain was further differentiated. The number of faxes generated each month by SAP systems had grown from 10,000 to 50,000 over the years, exceeding the capacity of the original in-house fax server. As the company‘s internal fax server solution could not be expanded due to costs Fendt started looking for a lower cost, high performance alternative.

« Retarus Faxolution for SAP is a flexible and scalable solution that we can use without having to run and manage our own hardware or software. »

Alfred Stiehl, Director Organization/Communications at AGCO/Fendt

Primary Challenges

Complex Build-to-Order Processes

Retarus Faxolution for SAP is ideally suited to alleviating AGCO’s fax server bottlenecks, providing the corporation with a managed fax service that is fully scalable to reliably send out critical business documents from SAP systems at any time. After a brief trial, Retarus Faxolution for SAP was gradually rolled out to the live SAP systems within a matter of days. AGCO did not require any additional phone lines or server capacity as faxes sent from the company‘s SAP systems go directly to the fax infrastructure at Retarus’ data centers, from which they are securely sent out without any bottlenecks. Sensitive business data is transmitted via encrypted connection, while transaction and downstream workflow transparency is guaranteed thanks to detailed delivery reports and feedback sent to AGCO‘s SAP systems.


Increased ROI Ensures Major Cost Savings

The main benefits of Retarus Faxolution for SAP include the ability to send large numbers of faxes without any delay, automatic feedback sent to SAP systems and high return on investment (ROI). The latter was achieved in very little time as Faxolution for SAP is offered as a managed service, which obviates the need for an in-house fax infrastructure, dedicated manpower and maintenance. Another benefit is that Faxolution for SAP is a scalable managed service, meaning that Retarus provides the necessary capacity and monitoring while also ensuring that it is always available. Problems due to load peaks and volume increases are now a thing of the past, while supply chain integration of every supplier ensures smooth production processes and an increase in readiness to deliver.

Key Benefits

  • World‘s first SAP-certified managed fax service
  • Swift implementation, high level of flexibility and scalability
  • Secure and reliable delivery around the clock
  • Automatic reports to SAP workflows
  • High ROI, no capital commitment from running and managing own infrastructure
  • High level of planning reliability and cost transparency

Low Process Costs Coupled with a High Level of Reliability

Faxolution for SAP provides AGCO/Fendt with a SAP-certified managed fax service that considerably reduces costs right from the very first day. Thanks to the pay-per-use model, AGCO benefits from a high level of planning reliability and cost transparency. On top of that, processes that are critical to the business can be initiated and carried out faster, while the customer-supplier network profits in the form of improved and up-to-date information.

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