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Email Management for Office 365 from A to Z

26th of February 2019: Free Webinar

Advanced Protection & Compliance for Microsoft 365

Take advantage of the benefits of Microsoft 365 and rely on a service provider specialized in security, information protection and compliance.

Security expert Martin Mathlouthi, Product Line Manager Email Security at Retarus, will show in a short presentation how you can add Retarus services to your Microsoft 365 evironment to be secured and compliant. Retarus Email Security for Microsoft 365 provides solutions from A like Analytics over E like Encryption over U like User-Based-Routing to Z like Zero Trust Threat Protection.

High volumes, fast and reliable

Sending a high volume or time-sensitive emails from business applications like marketing automation tools, ecommerce applications, ERPs, CRMs or ticket systems is possible with
Retarus Transactional Email. Newsletters, order confirmations or status updates are automatically kept separate from desktop communication, making it much more secure. All the while there is no need to operate or maintain email servers, saving you time and money.

A short Q&A is right after the webinar.

Register now for free: Registration to the webinar on 26th of February 2019, 15:00 Uhr
(For the webinar we use the third party platform GoToWebinar.)

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15:00 – 15:30
Site web:
Retarus Webinar
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Germany (English)

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