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Your own rules for email traffic:

The smart Predelivery Logic, more than just a policy engine

16th of September 2020 || 3:30 pm || 15 min

Retarus’ Predelivery Logic puts you in the driver’s seat with your emails. Its functionality goes far beyond what is commonly known in the market as a policy engine. Retarus Predelivery Logic makes a dramatic contribution to essential business process automation through rules based on various characteristics.

In this live webinar, Martin Mathlouthi, our Product Line Manager of the Secure Email Platform, will showcase the Predelivery Logic and present possible applications and use cases.

Register for the free webinar on the 16th of September at 3:30 pm!*


Following the webinar, we will be happy to answer any of your questions. For questions in advance, please get in touch with us directly.

Your Speaker

Martin Mathlouthi

Product Line Manager Secure Email Platform, retarus GmbH

Martin Mathlouthi is the Product Line Manager of the Retarus Secure Email Platform with over 10 years of experience in email and business communication. His focus areas are expansion and development.

*The webinar will be held on the external platform GoToWebinar.

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