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Retarus Press Release:

Retarus and Lexmark sales partnership going global

Increasing demand for digital fax solutions for MFPs as a result of “Faxploit” and “All IP”

Milano, 06.11.2018 // The global information logistics provider Retarus and Lexmark, a global imaging solutions leader, have agreed to take their cooperation to a global level: digital fax solutions for multifunctional printers (MFPs) from Lexmark and Retarus are now available worldwide, allowing companies to benefit from high delivery quality, increased data security and seamless reporting in All-IP networks. In addition, Lexmark MFPs can digitize fax communications even more easily.
Retarus and Lexmark strengthen sales partnership
One important advantage of Lexmark’s and Retarus’ global cooperation is the complete security portfolio provided by Retarus fax solutions for Lexmark MFPs. Particularly in times of security threats like, “faxploit” this partnership allows for reliable and secure fax communication: MFPs connected to Retarus’ fax infrastructure will no longer require a fax card or an analogue line. In addition, the Retarus solution generates the headers itself when faxes are received. Potential software-based fax attacks (e.g. via so-called hidden “payload”) are thus prevented before they can happen.

Comprehensive fax data security

“At Lexmark, we consider security to be our top priority. With Retarus’ solutions, we take fax security one step further, enhancing our already comprehensive data protection solutions for sending and receiving faxes,” explains Tim Speller, Director Global Alliances at Lexmark in Lexington. “Since we started our EMEA cooperation in 2017, we have come to appreciate Retarus as a reliable and specialized partner, who, as a quality leader, also fits in perfectly with our global strategy. Going global with Retarus was therefore a logical step. In addition, our customers benefit from Retarus’ expertise in digital workflow optimization.”

Digital fax functionality for workflow optimization

Another important reason for the expansion of the partnership is the growing demand for digital fax solutions for MFPs, even more so since telecommunications providers have largely converted their networks to digital switching technology (“All IP”). Faxes can not only be received and printed directly using the respective MFP with digital fax functionality but are also automatically available in a digital format. Hence, companies no longer need to choose between required paper documents and the digitalization of their core business processes, but will benefit from analogue and digital processing taking place simultaneously.

Ensuring that high performing fax operations are up and running

In addition, the combination of Lexmark MFPs and Retarus Cloud Fax Services also addresses another issue: From a technical point of view, fax data transmission always takes place in individual packages. However, fax machines are sensitive to packet losses, potentially causing them to lose the connection. As a result of the comprehensive digital fax functionality provided by Lexmark MFPs and Retarus, such potential disruptions are eliminated before they can occur in digital networks, ensuring a very high fax delivery rate.

“We are delighted to further expand our cooperation with Lexmark and to provide Lexmark business customers worldwide with our Cloud Fax Services,” adds Roland Augustin, Vice President Strategy at Retarus GmbH. “With Retarus Fax Services, documents can be sent and received securely and efficiently by fax and automatically integrated into digital workflows without any media breaks. This has become even more important since the telecommunications providers have switched to IP networks. With its highly developed interfaces, global availability and high reliability, Retarus Global Delivery Network ensures effective and successful communication-based business processes.”
Roland Augustin, Vice President Strategy, Retarus

Informazioni su Retarus

Con le sue soluzioni e servizi eccellenti, l'infrastruttura intelligente e la tecnologia brevettata, Retarus gestisce le comunicazioni per aziende di tutto il mondo. Le tecnologie all’avanguardia, i data center sempre disponibili e l’innovativa piattaforma di cloud messaging di Retarus offrono la massima sicurezza, prestazioni di qualità superiore e continuità dei processi aziendali. L’esperienza di Retarus nella gestione dei flussi di informazioni a livello aziendale, sviluppata dal 1992 e mantenuta da 15 filiali in quattro continenti, assicura che tutte le informazioni arrivino in totale sicurezza e con la massima affidabilità al momento giusto, nel posto giusto e nel formato giusto. Ai servizi di Retarus si affidano il 50% delle aziende EURO STOXX 50, delle aziende DAX 40 e delle aziende CAC 40 e il 25% delle aziende S&P100. Tra i clienti di lunga data, Retarus vanta: Adidas, Autostrada del Brennero, Adecco, Bayer, BNP Paribas, Bosch, Continental, DHL, Feralpi Group, Fiat, Fujitsu, Galbani, Goldman Sachs, Grandi Salumifici Italiani, Lactalis, Linde, Mondi Group, Puma, Sony, Stellantis e Zeiss.

About Lexmark

Lexmark creates innovative imaging solutions and technologies that help customers worldwide print, secure and manage information with ease, efficiency and unmatched value.

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