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Retarus Press Release

FY2021: Retarus maintains impressive growth trajectory despite COVID-19 pandemic

Increased demand for digital communication solutions leads to seventh consecutive year of record results and strong staff number growth

Milano, 05.08.2021 // Munich-based enterprise cloud provider Retarus has continued to grow impressively, even during the coronavirus pandemic. The fiscal year 2021, which ended in June, saw a revenue growth to more than 60 million euros for the first time. This represents an 11 percent increase over the previous year’s turnover and the seventh consecutive year of record results for Retarus. The sustained growth is reflected in the company’s workforce. With global staff now exceeding 450 employees, Retarus has grown by more than 10% in comparison to the previous year and is still hiring.

A major reason for the growth of the business and this positive trajectory is the greater demand for digital solutions for business communication. Thanks in part to the recent statutory regulations regarding working from home and the stringent General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), companies are faced with increasingly challenging requirements around digitalizing, automating, and cloudifying their communication and business processes. To take these developments into account, Retarus has expanded its workforce substantially over the past year despite the pandemic – especially in sales, the technical departments, product development, and in core functions around the world. The French office, for instance, saw a 75 percent net growth in staff. The increase in staff numbers has moreover been sustainable, as shown by the average length of employment, which is more than five years. For the current business year, 2022, Retarus is planning to expand its staff to over 500 employees for the first time in the company’s history.

Major expansion of development capacities

To ensure it can continue to provide its ever-growing customer base with state-of-the-art cloud services for business communication, Retarus has expanded its development to multiple locations around the world. Following the highly successful establishment of its development center in Timişoara, Romania, Retarus has opened a new subsidiary in the tech hub of Lisbon, Portugal. By the end of this year, the Romanian office is planning to increase its staff by 30 percent. The new employees will mainly work in frontend development, but also in support and customer care. The newly founded Retarus Portugal Unip Lda. is also planning to hire 15 developers by the end of 2021, who will initially be working closely with their colleagues at the head office in Munich to develop innovative features for the Retarus Secure Email Platform.

COVID-19 pandemic strategy highly successful

The highly consistent implementation of the company’s internal pandemic strategy also contributed greatly to the success of the business over the past year. Retarus’ employees have been successfully working flexibly from home. Due in no small part to its many international teams, even before the pandemic struck the company was already technically well-equipped to switch over to working remotely without disruption. In addition, air filters were installed in the offices and wide-ranging measures were implemented to ensure compliance regarding hygiene regulations and distancing guidelines. All staff members are given regular opportunities to be tested and, since this summer, vaccinations are also offered. Based on thoughtfully structured programs and procedures, the recruitment and onboarding of new employees is currently also taking place almost exclusively by way of online tools in the home office.

Outlook for FY 2022: Technical innovations, international expansion, and channel partners

Bianca Mot, Chief of Staff, Retarus Romania
“We have successfully maintained our growth strategy, even during the pandemic. At the same time, we have remained focused on the needs of our customers and responded quickly and flexibly to new requirements as a reliable partner,” explains Martin Hager, founder and CEO at Retarus.
“In the current fiscal year, we will continue to push ahead with the expansion of our regional offices around the globe and focus on unlocking new markets. We also aim to take our channel partner business to the next level with dedicated teams for nearly all locations worldwide, enabling us to offer our services to customers that we were previously unable to reach. With the assistance of our powerful tech hubs in Romania and Portugal, we will be able to develop our products lines even more quickly in the future – be it a comprehensive, modular secure platform for email security and delivery, new cloud fax functionalities for customers with demanding use cases, SMS services with reliable delivery worldwide and special features for specific regions, or business integration services with our state-of-the-art WebConnect technology.”

Informazioni su Retarus

Con le sue soluzioni e servizi eccellenti, l'infrastruttura intelligente e la tecnologia brevettata, Retarus gestisce le comunicazioni per aziende di tutto il mondo. Le tecnologie all’avanguardia, i data center sempre disponibili e l’innovativa piattaforma di cloud messaging di Retarus offrono la massima sicurezza, prestazioni di qualità superiore e continuità dei processi aziendali. L’esperienza di Retarus nella gestione dei flussi di informazioni a livello aziendale, sviluppata dal 1992 e mantenuta da 15 filiali in quattro continenti, assicura che tutte le informazioni arrivino in totale sicurezza e con la massima affidabilità al momento giusto, nel posto giusto e nel formato giusto. Ai servizi di Retarus si affidano il 50% delle aziende EURO STOXX 50, delle aziende DAX 40 e delle aziende CAC 40 e il 25% delle aziende S&P100. Tra i clienti di lunga data, Retarus vanta: Adidas, Autostrada del Brennero, Adecco, Bayer, BNP Paribas, Bosch, Continental, DHL, Feralpi Group, Fiat, Fujitsu, Galbani, Goldman Sachs, Grandi Salumifici Italiani, Lactalis, Linde, Mondi Group, Puma, Sony, Stellantis e Zeiss.

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