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Retarus Press Release:

SAP certifies Retarus communication interfaces

Connect messaging services seamlessly via BC-SMTP to SAP S/4HANA

Milano, 02.05.2018 // Retarus’ customers can continue to rely on the integration capabilities and compatibility of their services with SAP solutions. Now the communication interface BC-SMTP, used in the Retarus Messaging Services and the Faxolution 6 for SAP S/4HANA service, has been officially “SAP Certified”. In addition, the SAP certification for SAP NetWeaver via the BC-SMTP 6.40 interface has been renewed.

For a service to be given the right to bear the “SAP Certified” designation, the provider has to undergo a stringent qualification procedure. The SAP Integration and Certification Center examines whether the service applying for certification is based on the integration technologies defined by SAP. By means of regular recertification procedures, it is then ensured that an undisrupted connection is available, even following the implementation of upgrades. Retarus is one of the first companies to successfully pass through the certification process for the above-mentioned interface.

Roland Augustin, Vice President Strategy, Retarus

“For businesses it is especially important that communication services can seamlessly be integrated into their existing business applications and the company’s own infrastructure,” emphasizes Roland Augustin, Vice President Strategy at Retarus. “Through standardized interfaces, both the cost of integration and total operational costs are reduced substantially. With certification procedures such as the ‘SAP Certified’ program, we make it easier for our customers to decide to invest and in this way create additional trust.”

The integration of Retarus’ Global Delivery Network facilitates the digital sending and receiving of business-critical documents, such as business records, from corporate SAP systems via Retarus Cloud Fax Services. After connecting via interfaces like SAP-RFC or BC-SMTP, a fax service is permanently available for use directly in the business application. Fax jobs are optimized for transmission by the Retarus platform and sent out without delay, taking into account the assigned priority. Status updates from recipients are reported back to the respective SAP system along with the document ID. Retarus Enterprise SMS Services, moreover, also offer the option of sending SMS messages directly via Retarus’ global platform.

Informazioni su Retarus

Retarus controlla la comunicazione di aziende in tutto il mondo grazie a soluzioni e servizi eccellenti, infrastrutture intelligenti e tecnologie brevettate “Made in Germany”. Le tecnologie all’avanguardia, i data center sempre disponibili e l’innovativa piattaforma di cloud messaging di Retarus offrono la massima sicurezza, prestazioni di qualità superiore e continuità dei processi aziendali. L’esperienza di Retarus nella gestione dei flussi di informazioni a livello aziendale, sviluppata dal 1992 e mantenuta da 15 filiali in quattro continenti, assicura che tutte le informazioni arrivino in totale sicurezza e con la massima affidabilità al momento giusto, nel posto giusto e nel formato giusto. Ai servizi di Retarus si affidano il 75% delle aziende DAX 30, la metà di tutte le aziende EURO STOXX 50 e il 25% delle aziende S&P100. Tra i clienti di lunga data, Retarus vanta: Adidas, Autostrada del Brennero, Adecco, Bayer, BNP Paribas, Bosch, Continental, DHL, Feralpi Group, Fiat, Fujitsu, Galbani, Goldman Sachs, Grandi Salumifici Italiani, Lactalis, Linde, Mondi Group, PSA, Puma, Sony e Zeiss.

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