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Email Security does a lot, but Retarus has found a way to make it do more. A more powerful product, with more options, to meet more of your business needs.

At Retarus, we approach email from a holistic point of view. And that’s why we provide more than just a market-leading email security solution with sandboxing and patented protection technologies. We offer even more innovative email services for everything related to compliance and infrastructure. Perfect for attracting new customers, perfect for building on existing customer relationships, perfect for your business.

The Email Security That Also Protects After the Fact

Retarus’ patented Postdelivery Protection can detect malware in emails that have already been delivered and render them harmless as soon as the matching patterns are found.

The Email Security That Also Can Do Business Continuity

Active backup system for email infrastructures. With inboxes that are always ready to use. So email communication continues to run. So business continues to run.

The Email Security That Also Can Do Marketing and Transactional Messaging

Send emails from any business application. Without being restricted by Exchange Online/Microsoft 365 sending limits. With up to ten million emails per hour and the highest delivery rates.

The Email Security That Also Automates Workflows

Sort, distribute, block, delete, flag, or process incoming emails automatically with intelligent routing to significantly accelerate email-based workflows in your business.

The Email Security That Also Makes Data Protection Officers Happy

Data processing “Made in Europe”, 100% GDPR compliant. In Retarus’ own data centers, without US hyperscalers. Contractually guaranteed with SLAs.

The Email Security with Premium Partner Support

From contract design and implementation to engineering and support. Retarus is there for you. With service providers who know what they’re talking about.

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