Retarus Fax2EDI

Efficiently connect to suppliers and customers without EDI capabilities. Automate your ordering and shipping processes while benefitting from proven communication processes.

Optimize workflows

If you have suppliers or customers without EDI capabilities that send business correspondence such as orders, invoices and notifications by fax, Retarus Fax2EDI is the ideal solution for you. Fax2EDI allows you to integrate these suppliers and customers into your existing EDI communication processes without any administrative hassle.

How you benefit

Retarus Fax2EDI is a quick and easy way to further automate your business correspondence and boost efficiency levels as your employees no longer need to manually process receipts and other paperwork. You also benefit from shorter ordering processes and faster cash flows as well as cost savings of up to 80% compared to manual order processing. Best of all is that you don’t need to maintain a separate WebEDI portal and manage extensive login details for your suppliers and customers. In fact, they don’t need to make any changes at all to their existing communication processes!

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How your suppliers and customers benefit

Any of your suppliers and customers who have no EDI capabilities can continue to send their business correspondence by fax without having to make any changes to their workflow. That way clients can submit orders for products not listed in catalogs, for example, without first having to log in to a WebEDI portal.

How it works

We receive inbound faxes on your behalf by setting up a new fax number or by simply using your existing fax number. When a fax is received, our high-performance OCR engine reproduces it digitally so it can be read by machines. If a document is illegible because it contains handwriting, for example, you can request the fax be processed again manually. After that, we convert the document to a format that meets your needs and then deliver it to you. We can also send you a copy of the original fax as a PDF file for long-term archiving purposes.

Did you know that we can also connect suppliers and customers that communicate with you by email to your EDI system? Just get in touch with us to find out more!

Retarus Fax2EDI highlights

  • Quickly and easily connect to suppliers and customers without EDI capabilities
  • Business correspondence is converted and delivered directly into your EDI system
  • Allows existing communication processes and workflows to be retained
  • Shorter ordering processes and faster cash flows
  • Cost savings of up to 80% compared to manual order processing
  • Maximum acceptance by partners
  • 100% OCR rate thanks to subsequent manual processing
  • No administrative hassle of managing WebEDI portals

Case Studies: Each customer is a recommendation

Organizations from all industries and of all sizes utilize the Retarus communication platform to optimize their business and messaging processes. Our case studies provide examples of how organizations have utilized the Retarus suite of services to meet their companies messaging requirements.

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