Retarus Managed Web Security

Retarus Managed Web Security provides users in your company a safe and productive way to access the Internet! With proven protection against malware and with individually definable access rights, you can empower your users to use the web without the risk of attack.

Implement Internet-use policies with consistency

Viruses and spyware on web sites, excessive personal internet use by your employees and unwanted content threaten the security of your IT infrastructure and also impact work-related productivity. Security experts recommend enforcing web filtering on Internet usage in enterprises. Retarus Managed Web Security provides comprehensive protection against threats and unwanted Internet content. You specify which content can and cannot be made available to your employees, so your Internet usage policies are systematically enforced. By blocking unwanted or infected content you will substantially improve security within the company. Our detailed reporting feature will provide you with complete transparency on the Internet use of your entire workforce.

Flexible configuration, maximum control

Retarus Managed Web Security can be configured easily via our web-based administration portal. The URL filter controls Internet access through more than 80 different categories (for example: chats, games, adult content, social networks, etc.). Additional protection from undesirable sites is provided by our content filter, which does not apply URL criteria, but counts the frequency of specific words. Depending on the values you assign to certain words, the loading of a page is either blocked or allowed. Because each department may have different business requirements, you can define the settings for individual users, groups, or profiles at any time. Even mobile users are customizable and can be easily integrated into the policies. In addition to web security, Retarus offers managed email services to ensure your email communications are secure and productive. For more information visit: Retarus E-Mail Security

The benefits speak for themselves

  • Effective protection against malware and unwanted Internet content
  • Consistent implementation of web usage guidelines
  • Easy configuration based on categories and lists
  • Real-time reporting as per domains, websites and filter categories
  • Synchronization with your directory service

Use the Internet safely and productively

Our security experts can show you how to make your company’s use of the internet safe and productive.

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Filter efficiently, surf safely

With Retarus Managed Web Security, your employees’ web inquiries and requests are automatically checked in our data centers for content, which you have previously defined, as well as for any malware, such as viruses or trojans, which might be harmful to your infrastructure; without the least delay, they are then filtered and, if necessary, blocked. That means that unwanted content is kept well clear of your infrastructure. Extra hardware or software? Not needed!

Case Studies: Each customer is a recommendation

Organizations from all industries and of all sizes utilize the Retarus communication platform to optimize their business and messaging processes. Our case studies provide examples of how organizations have utilized the Retarus suite of services to meet their companies messaging requirements.

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