NEW: Patient Zero Detection now also detects phishing

Retarus Patient Zero Detection

Welcome to a new dimension in email security. Detect infected messages in your inbox and protect your company against high consequential costs.

The good part: Life gets tougher for cyber attackers.

The threat of cyber attacks is growing. These days approximately 270 new computer viruses are created each minute. And attackers are becoming increasingly devious and targeting more selectively all the time. One great danger is malicious software for which a pattern has not yet been identified, meaning that it cannot be picked up by scanners. Once it has found its way into a user’s inbox, the malware spreads unchecked throughout the entire IT infrastructure. The result ranges from massive disruption to total system failure. Now this risk can be reduced substantially.

Advanced threat protection & detection.

Protection alone isn’t enough. The highest levels of security require a combination of protection and detection. A particularly clear example of this necessity is provided by the actual figures taken from a Retarus customer with 25,000 inboxes over a period of 30 days.

incoming emails

in the spam filter

in the directory filter

in the virus filter

delivered emails

infected and later detected

Patient Zero Detection. Eliminate the Danger with Retroactive Identification.

Limit the damage.

Even the best spam and virus filters do not offer sufficient protection from advanced threats. A small number of attacks still make it through to the recipient. And these are often the cause of immense consequential costs for businesses. According to Kaspersky when hit by a cyber attack, a large company incurs costs of about USD 861,000, which means every second counts when it comes to detecting them. Attacks detected after seven days cost four times that of those detected immediately.

Welcome to a new dimension in email security.

Retarus Patient Zero Detection

There’s no such thing as 100% protection from cyber attacks. That’s why Retarus has broken new ground with the innovative Patient Zero Detection. This unprecedented technology is designed to recognize attacks that have already occurred, making it easier for companies to add extra security to their IT infrastructure and significantly reduce risks.


Recipients of emails with malware attached can be identified retrospectively. Knowledge of these “patient zeros” helps limit the damage substantially.


Retarus “Patient Zero Detection” informs administrators and recipients quickly of infected systems, allowing them to respond in time.


Thanks to “Patient Zero Detection”, metadata from the attack’s source and the group of recipients are identified, making the search for clues and traces much easier. As a result, targeted measures can be taken and filter settings optimized.

NEW: Patient Zero Detection now also detects phishing

Patient Zero Detection now not only makes a record of the attachments, but also the URLs contained in incoming emails. In this regard, the innovative technology stores hash values for all URLs in inbound messages in a database. Here too, the administrator is alerted as soon as a previously unknown phishing link has been recognized as harmful.

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