Retarus Cloud Services for Healthcare

Increasing collaboration, advances in health analytics, real-time views of patient health, and strict protection of patient health information – Healthcare leaders are embracing and fundamentally changing the way technology is used for care delivery. To keep up with advances in healthcare, organizations now need to be able to provide innovative services designed to protect patients.

Ensuring Compliance in Protecting Patient Health Information

In today’s climate of strict regulation, significant changes to compliance directives have made modern IT and communication solutions essential. Through specific regulations, like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), patient information is protected through guidelines for collecting, storing, transferring, and managing heath records. This includes defining the BAA and PHI requirements that organizations are required to comply with. Electronic health records, payer-provider, and pharmacy benefit management communication all require a secure and modern communications infrastructure that reliably covers virtually all business processes. To fulfill these requirements and to optimize their processes, patients, providers and payers all over the world use Retarus’ Enterprise Messaging Services.

Why Retarus

We understand that companies under HIPAA and HITECH regulations require enhanced security features. To do so, Retarus meets all requirements for security, backup, audit, access control and encryption by safeguarding information and supporting audit trails for compliance. In addition, our highly developed interfaces, global availability, and absolute failure safety provide the prerequisites for successful business communications anywhere in the world.
As an example, Retarus’ services support clinical laboratories in safeguarding laboratory results, prior authorizations, and transmitting transactional messages directly from their business applications. Regardless of the application, orders, service, recall activities or marketing communications, Retarus helps reach customers promptly via their preferred communication channel – SMS, email or fax. By offering flexible SLAs, Retarus’ Cloud Messaging Services meet the highest quality and transmission requirements. Multi-client enabled reporting functions and a pay-per-use price model guarantee maximum levels of transparency and cost controls. In addition, the data privacy compliant processing in local Retarus data centers offer healthcare organizations ultimate levels of security, a key reason why a steadily increasing number of healthcare providers around the globe are choosing Retarus as their messaging service provider.

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As a state of the art surgery center we rely on fax to retrieve the majority of our cases, therefore, up-time and reliability are critical for our business. Since we switched to Retarus we have experienced zero downtime, reduced cost and increased efficiencies.

Sam Murema. IT Specialist, Malo Ambulatory Surgery Center

Application Integration

Flexible, transparent and customized global communications services that allow you to send and receive SMS, email and fax messages directly via your business applications and systems – reliably, securely and without needing an on premise infrastructure. We are PCI DSS-certified for both data centers and services, and both services and data centers are designed to meet and exceed the security and privacy requirements of HIPAA and HITECH. Ideal for critical and essential applications such as the transmission of ePHI. Ideal also for integration into EHR/EMRs and secure document exchanges.

Desktop Communication

Fax and SMS services for Desktops and Devices: Seamless integration into Microsoft Windows, Office and Exchange or IBM Notes/Domino environments. Efficient services that ensure maximum usability and deliverability. No need to install fax servers or an SMS gateway. Perfect for speedy transmission of documents around the globe.

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Broadcast & Content Delivery

Broadcast services designed to meet every need for efficient business communication and high-volume transmissions via email, fax and SMS. Our web-based solution is platform-independent and easy-to-use, allowing you to act promptly when it comes to marketing, IR, PR, or staff and association communications. Create your fax and SMS mailshots intuitively via web browser and send them out reliably and exactly as scheduled – all within two minutes.

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E-Mail Security & Compliance

Our end-to-end antivirus and antispam email communication solution provides gateway-based encryption, data processing through Retarus’ own PCI DSS-certified data centers that meet the most stringent data protection guidelines, as well as innovative email management and audit-compliant archiving.

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