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The June edition of our Newshub once again offers helpful tips on Retarus’ services. Find out how our SMS services ensure your customers restful nights, which advantages the new email digest offers and what the changeover to IP networks means for your fax communications. In addition, we present an exciting app project that ensures smooth communication between SAP and the new Apple watch.

How a new function of Retarus’ SMS services ensures restful nights

Most people are available on their mobile phones day and night. This makes it doubly annoying when an SMS disrupts their sleep in the middle of the night. At least for automatically generated messages, this can now be prevented thanks to the latest version of Retarus SMS for Applications. A new feature allows you to define time periods during which no SMS can be sent from the system. Transmission of the messages is automatically rescheduled for the end of the predefined period. Retarus SMS for Applications lets you send SMS directly from any business application, such as CRM, ERP and legacy systems via Retarus’ high-performance infrastructure. The service is also perfectly suitable for host-based or web applications.

Easy access, improved readability: The new E-Mail Security report

Retarus E-Mail Security customers will soon be able to enjoy a comprehensively overhauled E-Mail Security report. In order to maintain the full overview no matter where you are, we have reduced the mobile email digest down to the essential information. The tidy layout and responsive design mean that you can view the contents quickly and easily, no matter whether on a PC, tablet or smart phone. We have also simplified the access to the online quarantine – a token-based log in has been implemented to optimize mobile access. This makes it even easier and more convenient to change the configuration of E-Mail Security reports or release filtered emails. For users of our standard E-Mail Security reports the new layout will automatically become available from July 1st. If you are using an individually tailored report layout, we will be happy to support you in adapting the design.

SAP and wearables: Apple Watch communicates via Retarus

SAP trusts in Retarus for their connection to wearables. The SAP app “The Perfect Meeting”, which was first presented as a pilot project at the SAPPHIRE NOW conference, is especially designed for sales employees. Conceived as a productivity tool for the Apple Watch, the app delivers up-to-date status messages prior to and during meetings, for instance regarding participant delays or providing background information about sales or other business figures required for the meeting. Following the meeting, information and documents can be sent directly to other participants. For the delivery of the messages from and to the smartwatch, SAP relies on the dependable and certified Retarus Messaging Services for SAP.

Well prepared: Smooth fax communication despite IP changeover

An increasing number of telecommunications providers are in the process of migrating to IP-based data transmission over the coming years. When transmitting data via IP-based networks, packet loss frequently occurs. In VoIP telephony this does not affect the phone call, as the human brain compensates for up to five percent of lost information. Fax machines, however, react sensitively to such disruptions. Especially when sending large fax volumes via VoIP infrastructures, this may cause the loss of huge amounts of information and the interruption of connections. By using Retarus’ Cloud Fax services companies which choose to migrate their telephony to VoIP or are affected by their telecommunications provider switching over to VoIP can ensure maximum delivery rates for their fax transmissions. These services can be used with any VoIP provider and at any chosen location, either independently or as a component in a unified communications solution without needing to be integrated into an existing telecommunications infrastructure. To find out more about our various fax services please click here or get in touch with your local Retarus contact person.

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