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Retarus eSign

All the benefits of electronic invoicing in a complete outtasking solution: fast processes, low operating costs, full tracking and, above all, compliance with international law.

Secure electronic invoicing

Retarus eSign is a complete package for sending and receiving invoices electronically. It offers maximum transaction security and also complies with all legal requirements. In addition, it streamlines and accelerates the invoicing process for both the sender and recipient- significantly reducing process costs.

Benefits for senders and recipients

Retarus eSign embeds both sender and recipient as fixed entities in the business process. The recipient also benefits from this process because it eliminates costly manual input of invoice data. Instead, all important document information is recorded automatically and forwarded directly to the internal ERP systems, such as SAP. The sender’s accounting department doesn’t have to worry about signatures, while the recipient can easily view and archive the document and signature in PDF format. The crucial optimization thus consists in the complete integration of the electronic receipt of invoices into the entire invoicing workflow.

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 The benefits speak for themselves

  • Fast and inexpensive invoicing
  • Qualified electronic signature
  • PDF signature integrated in document
  • Simple validation with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • No costs for hardware, software, or maintenance
  • Transparent calculation of operating costs
  • Supports legally-compliant signature cards
  • Conversion of different ERP document formats to PDF
  • Optional signature validation of PDF files
  • Optional archiving for sender and recipient
  • Software as a Service

The Retarus invoicing solution offers us all the advantages of electronic invoicing using Software as a Service. This significantly accelerates all outgoing invoicing processes, running costs are very low and always clearly calculable.

Tina Bender, CIO Business Systems, Volvo Trucks Region Central Europe

Electronic archiving included

Both senders and recipients must archive the signed invoices electronically and must be able to present them in a tax audit. Our eSign Online Archive is a complete solution that meets the requirements for both sides. Comprehensive search functions allow invoices to be located and displayed quickly and easily. This helps tax auditors and enables you to keep organized at all times.

Signature validation and input tax deductibility

To guarantee tax deductibility, recipients are required by law to check digital signatures and archive electronic invoices. Retarus eSign can be supplemented by automatic signature validation to streamline this process. The validation check is documented and sent with the signed invoice to the recipient, allowing the recipient to dispense with time-consuming online signature checks. Retarus eSign ensures compliance with all tax authority requirements for electronic invoicing. With this process, Retarus eSign benefits the sender and recipient.

Legally compliant

Retarus eSign is the ideal legal and financial solution for flawlessly creating, validating and checking signatures when electronically invoicing your business partners. You are given the opportunity to document according to local regulations in over 40 countries that your electronic invoices have not been tampered with from the moment that they are created until the conclusion of the mandatory storage period. Whether invoices are sent or received, we take care of the entire process – from A to Z.

Send invoices from SAP

Retarus eSign offers a whole range of advantages for users of SAP systems in particular. Our standardized interface enables the secure connection and communication between your ERP system and the signature server: You can send legally compliant electronic invoices directly from your SAP applications – the signed PDFs are created directly from IDoc files. All structured ERP output formats can be edited, not only IDoc but also XML, CSV or TXT formats, for example. You are welcome to request more information about Retarus eSign. We will be pleased to advise you!

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