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Corporate Responsibility: Development with Many Facets

The greatest success is more than only economic. But also social, environmentally friendly and, especially, humane.

Investing in the Future.

At Retarus we adopt a holistic approach to sustainability by striving to ensure economic success without losing sight of our ecological and social responsibilities. This synergy of economic, ecological and social responsibility forms the basis for sustainable corporate success. Social responsibility and commitment are key pillars of our corporate culture and form part of our corporate strategy, allowing us to develop projects that are beneficial to both mankind and the environment.

A Reliable Employer.

As an employer we aim to provide long-term job security, the best working conditions, and personal development options. Our employees mirror our endeavors with their commitment, dedication and performance that help to continuously drive our business. On that note, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology named us one of Bavaria’s top 50 companies within the scope of its Bayerns Best 50 competition which acknowledges mid-sized businesses whose annual turnover and employee numbers have increased exceptionally in the last five years.

Diversity & Equal Opportunities:
Scope for Visions

Family Friendly and Flexible, Today and Always.

We think a healthy work-life balance is really important as staff will only be motivated, focused and ready to perform in the long term if they feel at home in the workplace and are able to easily manage their work and private life. Here at Retarus we set great value upon making sure that people are able to fit their work around their family, by offering flexible working hours and avoiding bureaucracy when employees have to look after their sick children and relatives. This helps to create a healthy work environment for staff to shape their own lives and create a positive work-life balance.

Building on Diversity.

Retarus employs people from all over the world, regardless of their gender or age, belonging to different cultures, religions, and ethnic or social groups, and embraces the diverse skills and experiences they bring along. Retarus thrives on this diversity as an invaluable source of talent, creativity and experience. We are sure that our employee diversity helps us to better understand our markets, which in turn ensures the long-term success of our business. That is why we have signed the Diversity Charter, signaling that we value all employees equally and regardless of their age, ethnic origin, nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and ideology, sexual orientation, and social origin.
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Instruction & Training:
Discovering and Promoting Skills and Talents.

We Invest in the Future.

Training and educating our staff is a fundamental part of our corporate success. Retarus employees can take advantage of a wide range of internal and external training options, such as language courses, sales training programs, certifications, and communication or presentation courses. Retarus supports its employees when it comes to external training courses by offering flexible working hours and vacations as well as funding for extra-occupational studies.

Social Commitment:
Working Together for the Common Good

Helping Others.

Financial and personal support is important and often vital to humanitarian organizations and people in need. As a successful company, we are aware of our social responsibilities and are happy to do our part for the common good. Our social activities largely focus on support for local schools as well as charities and aid organizations.

Personal Commitment Is the Strongest Form of Aid.

We combine continuous corporate growth with long-term social commitment under the motto of “Retarus helps”. In doing so, we support a number of different social projects in various regions. Every new employee can choose which of these organizations Retarus should support financially. Employees are also given two days’ leave each year to get personally involved in “their” project on a voluntary basis.

Environmental and Climate Protection:
Our Ecological Responsibility.

More Output with Less Energy.

Retarus always focuses on renewable energy sources, and our German locations have been using 100% green electricity from certified hydroelectric plants since 2007. But that’s not all; we also use groundwater to cool our data center in Munich, and have a dynamic energy management process in place in each of our data centers ensuring that only the currently required servers are running. This makes Retarus a trailblazer in terms of green IT and energy conservation.

Turning an Ecological Ethos into Technical Processes.

Our managed services are key in the sustainable development of both business and society. By sending out business documentation by fax or email rather than mail, we are making an active contribution to reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

Demonstrably sustainable.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a topic everyone is currently talking about – and that's just how it should be. Retarus has always made a substantial effort when it comes to responsibility and sustainability, and can back this up with the requisite evidence. In its universal sustainability rankings, for instance, Ecovadis has attested to Retarus' efforts by rating the company amongst the top 22 percent of organizations in the computer programming, consulting and related activities sector. In addition, Retarus' sustainability profile at Integrity Next provides a lot more detailed information on the topic. Retarus passed the mandatory energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1:2012 in October 2022 with an excellent result.

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Art, culture & Sports:
Promoting Talent and Ideals.

Broadening Horizons and Opening New Perspectives.

Retarus is keen to foster creativity and inspiration by promoting art and culture as a source of innovation, identity, tolerance and interaction. Art and culture can help bring people together from all walks of life as they are a highly intense form of communication. We purchase artwork from different artists and display them at our headquarters as part of our efforts to promote art and culture.

Building Team Spirit through Sports.

Sports bring people together – no matter where they come from – and allows them to share common experiences. Sports also stand for performance, dedication, team spirit, fairness and agility, which are all very important characteristics at Retarus. We are dedicated to supporting young people in their sporting pursuits and also sponsor a number of regional clubs and sports as part of our social commitment.