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Lost at Sea with Your Email Communication?

Tired of being afloat and unsure in an ocean of potential solutions when it comes to the communication future of your company? Choose the highest level of protection with top performance and premium support. Get on board Retarus’ Secure Email Platform and find solid ground for essential needs such as transactional email, workplace email, or marketing email communications. All “Made in Singapore” of course.

Retarus Email Security: “Phishers” Are Left High and Dry

To be honest, many products designed for email security on the market offer similar security services. In our opinion, the difference is in how well a product can be customized to meet the needs of an individual business. This is where Retarus offers a decisive advantage. The Retarus solution offers various components that can be customized to meet your needs.

Retarus Transactional Email: No More Message in a Bottle!

Some email services treat emails like a message in a bottle. The message bobs up and down and all around before it lands somewhere by chance. Don’t put reliable delivery of your emails at risk. Nothing is more dangerous to a company’s reputation than emails that don’t reach the customers on time. With Retarus Transactional Email, you benefit from a reputation that is consistently high, which in turn has a positive impact on the delivery rate. Why take a chance on an unreliable message in a bottle when there is another way?

Protects Your Shoreline and All its Tiny Coves: The Secure Email Platform

Leave That Lonely Island: With Service and Support Made in Singapore

Looks like a dream come true, but quickly becomes a nightmare: a stand-alone solution for email with support that eventually disappears. The Retarus Secure Email Platform offers personal consultation and guarantees that your solution is ready for the next generation of technology. Retarus offers support for you and your team 24/7, able to immediately solve 96% of all service requests. This means it’s time to get rid of your stand-alone solution and choose Retarus’ dedicated team of experts.

I would like more security and more support.