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Retarus Press Release:

Retarus introduces Advanced Threat Protection for increased defense against cyber risks

Enterprise email with Essential Protection, Advanced Threat Protection and Postdelivery Protection – all from a single platform

Singapore, 07.02.2018 // Retarus, the global information logistics specialist, has addressed the growing demand for enhanced e-mail security services and now offers a totally new, holistic approach to the protection of business-critical communication. With an impressive range of new functions such as CxO Fraud Detection, Deferred Delivery Scan, Sandboxing and Time-of-Click-Protection, Retarus presents a unique set of Advanced Threat Protection options, allowing companies both to safeguard themselves against those advanced threats that get around conventional security mechanisms and to protect themselves from the immense consequential costs of cyber attacks. In this way, the new functions complement the recently introduced Postdelivery Protection, which includes the patent pending Patient Zero Detection® technology.

Detection of social engineering or ‘CEO fraud’

CxO Fraud Detection provides companies with better protection from imposter email and spoofing, which involves bogus or imposter emails instructing staff to transfer large sums of money. CxO Fraud Detection enables companies to recognize faked sender addresses and expose emails as attempted fraud before financial transactions presumed to have been authorized are carried out. To achieve this, a highly sophisticated analysis of email headers is used, with machine learning enabled algorithms which identify ‘from spoofing’ or ‘domain spoofing’ reliably.

Unique defense against previously unknown malware

Deferred Delivery Scan and in-depth Sandboxing analysis protect companies from continuously developing and evolving malware, such as ransomware. Deferred Delivery Scan involves re-scanning selected attachments, holding emails back briefly before delivery to the recipient. In attacks using brand-new malware, updated virus signatures are often available while re-scanning these messages thus increasing the detection rate worrying end users with virus warnings. With Sandboxing, attachments are automatically executed in a virtual, secure test environment and examined for irregular behavior using complex simulation procedures and AI tools before they are delivered to recipients. For this Advanced Threat screening, Retarus deploys the comprehensive algorithms provided by a world-leading provider of powerful sandboxing technologies.

Enhanced and continuous protection against phishing

Time-of-Click Protection facilitates the prevention of phishing attacks and the resulting loss of sensitive data. The technology also checks all links contained in emails for target addresses which are suspected of phishing. If new intelligence gathered in the meanwhile shows that the target destination may be dangerous, the link is blocked and the user is instead shown a security warning.
Retarus Advanced Threat Protection also provides a high level of transparency, with comprehensive monitoring and analysis via the Retarus E-Mail Live Search portal.

Protect, detect, react: All-round protection from a single platform

Martin Hager, CEO and founder, Retarus Group

“Since the mid 90’s, Retarus has been providing E-Mail Security services for corporate customers around the world. In the process, we have constantly been engaged in the successful, ongoing development of our services in close cooperation with our customers and the analyst community. This ensures that we meet latest market requirements and offer an attractive, visionary perspective,” says Martin Hager, Retarus Group CEO and founder. “With the new services, Retarus E-Mail Security now offers Essential, Advanced Threat and Postdelivery Protection from a single platform, making Retarus one of the very first providers to offer protection throughout the entire protect-detect-react cycle, safeguarding companies from the latest cyber threats in the best way possible.”

Bolstering e-mail security in Asia

“Email security remains a pain point for Asian companies,” says Oliver Prevrhal, Managing Director at Retarus Asia. “Given the prevalence of CEO fraud cyberattacks, rising by 20% a year in the region, companies of all sizes need to be more vigilant in safeguarding themselves from one of Asia’s main cyber threats. Asia is a key market for Retarus, and the expansion of our email security portfolio marks our commitment to strengthening company cybersecurity infrastructure amidst the region’s rapidly shifting cyber threat landscape.”

Oliver Prevrhal, Managing Director, Retarus Asia

About Retarus

With its outstanding solutions and services, intelligent infrastructure, and patented technology, Retarus manages communication for companies worldwide. Retarus’ state-of-the-art technologies, highly available data centers, and innovative cloud messaging platform offer maximum security, maximum performance, and business continuity. With experience in steering information flows at the enterprise level, Retarus ensures that information is transferred securely and reliably to the right place, at the right time, in the right format—since 1992 and with now 15 subsidiaries on four continents. More than fifty percent of all EURO STOXX 50, DAX 40 as well as CAC 40 and 25 percent of S&P100 companies rely on Retarus' services. Our long-standing customers include Adidas, Bayer, BT, DHL, DZ Bank, Honda, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Sony.

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