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The 7 Most Important Enterprise Messaging Trends 2016

Singapore, January 19, 2016 // As digitalization continues to spread, interaction with partners and customers is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Efficient communication processes are therefore going to be even more important as one of the key drivers in the success of a business.

“With Asia-Pacific set to continue leading the digitalization wave, as well as the development of technologies such as cloud, Internet of Things and Big Data, optimizing and securing business process communications to ensure business continuity has become more crucial than ever,” said Oliver Prevrhal, Managing Director of Retarus Asia.

Retarus, the global Enterprise Messaging Service provider, has identified seven trends that will have a decisive impact on B2B communication companies for this year:

1. Workplace of the future

The modern office is moving to the cloud. In order to meet the growing user demand for collaboration and mobility and the IT demand for central and dynamic IT management, many businesses are moving to cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft 365. To ensure the best possible protection of their communication channels, businesses should extend Microsoft 365 using additional modules for e-mail security, compliance, and usability. Specialized e-mail security providers already offer reliable functionality that goes far beyond the basic functions Microsoft 365 provides.

2. Connected business

In the future, the success of a business will greatly depend on the extent to which it can abandon its old self-perception as a clearly defined unit. Developing extended cross-company ecosystems is going to become more and more important. Successful companies are not merely the suppliers of a given product. They have to continually interact with partners and customers, exchange information across platforms, and cooperatively make decisions. Using Enterprise Messaging Services can significantly optimize business communication processes.

3. Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an integral part of the business supply chain. According to IDC, around 8.6 billion devices are going to be interconnected via the internet by 2020 in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan). For these to reliably and automatically communicate with each other, divergent standards worldwide must be reliably linked. Within a network of people, processes, data and things, businesses benefit from Application Integration Services which can, irrespective of data format, convert received data into a suitable predefined target format which can then be utilized for automated onward processing.

4. Increased security requirements

With the growing network of devices in the IoT, the potential for exploits and malware attacks is also on the increase. Networked devices therefore must be able to reliably recognize and securely communicate with each other and detect intrusions early. Enterprise Messaging Services offer comprehensive encryption and authentication technologies thus supporting businesses in securing their communication networks.

5. Increased acceleration and innovation

In the age of digital transformation, companies have to fulfill customer wishes more quickly than ever to stay ahead of the competition. In addition to small batch sizes and a great product variety in conjunction with short innovation cycles and a short time to market, tailor made and reliable communication processes are of particular importance. Innovative communications solutions from the cloud seamlessly integrate into existing IT infrastructures and are easily adaptable to meet new requirements at all times.

6. Multi-channel communication

With increasing mobility, customers buy when, where, and how they like it. Businesses must be able to target their customers with relevant offers at any time and any place as the “magic moment” of a customer actually wishing to purchase cannot be missed. The quality and reliability of the various means of communication are of utmost importance in this respect. Information is sent to each recipient by their preferred method via web-based delivery platforms. A homogeneous corporate design creates a high level of recognition for the brand and the service promise behind it.

7. All-IP

SingTel, Asia Pacific Telecom and many other telecommunication providers in Asia are going to completely switch to an IP-based data transmission system in the coming years. Businesses will have to progressively focus on meeting the accompanying challenges. Massive data losses and connection failures can occur for example when sending fax documents over IP-based networks. This in turn can result in substantial disruptions to business related communication. With the help of managed fax services, businesses can ensure flawless fax communication in VoIP environments.

“The boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. Many businesses still struggle with the implementation of digital strategies. More than ever, investing in digital communication will be the decisive factor in a company’s success in the coming years, according to Johannes Hecker, COO of Retarus Group. “As an experienced partner, Retarus supports businesses worldwide in the digitalization of their process communication, providing them with a secure and efficient flow of information.”

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Retarus offers Enterprise Cloud solutions for Messaging, Email Security, and Business Integration. At the highest service level, with top performance, security, compliance with data protection regulations, and global availability. Retarus' services are successfully used for cloudification and securing messaging and email infrastructures, as well as for the intelligent automation of business processes and workflows. Retarus, headquartered in Munich, was founded by Martin Hager in 1992 and has been owner managed ever since. The company employs around 500 people in 20 offices on four continents. Over 40 percent of the companies listed in the S&P Global 100 rely on Retarus. More information:

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