Retarus Cloud Services for Applications

Ensure the perfect flow of information with your customers and suppliers. Send and receive messages directly via your business applications, your ERP or CRM systems and your web applications.

Extend your lead – through the perfect flow of information

Whether it’s receipts, delivery notifications, invoices or customer information – in many innovative companies business-critical information is still running over outdated equipment and decentralized infrastructures. But how can these structures best be optimized to reduce processing costs? IT analysts recommend changing over to professional cloud services. Change to Retarus Cloud Services for Applications now for the ideal combination of future-proof standards and individual customization. Enjoy maximum connectivity and efficiency for email, fax, SMS and EDI directly from your applications.

Send and receive documents directly via your business application without having to make any changes to your system. Without needing your own infrastructure. Without installing any hardware or software.

Thousands of satisfied customers around the world are communicating smoothly and successfully with Retarus’ services. Most of them directly from their business applications.

You need a quick solution? In such cases, Retarus can organize your implementation within four hours.

Develop your business with Retarus

Now you no longer require your own infrastructure to transmit documents. All you need is an IP connection with Retarus. The dependable delivery of your data is carried out via Retarus’ global infrastructure, with data centers in Europe, Asia, Australia and the US. Receiving documents around the world, including automated processing? No problem. Connecting subsidiaries, branch offices and partners spread around the globe? Anytime. Your processes function smoothly across borders fulfilling both national and international compliance guidelines. In short: wherever you want to grow, with Retarus your business communication simply grows with you.

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Your benefits


Whether it’s 10,000 or 1 million messages – your business-critical documents always reach your recipients without delay.


Safe rather than sorry. Retarus’ global infrastructure, with multiply redundant and backed up systems, ensures that your documents arrive at their destinations reliably.


Gain an overview. Detailed reports and extensive analysis functions available in the Enterprise Administration Services portal make it easy for you.


Fulfill all your compliance requirements from national and international regulations such as BDSG, ITAR, HIPAA or HITECH.


Consolidate your IT and eliminate over or under capacities. The “pay per use” billing model is always perfectly aligned with your needs.


You can count on the professional support of experts to adapt Retarus’ Cloud Services to meet your special requirements.

International & individual

Discover which objectives companies are achieving around the world with Retarus Cloud Services for Applications.

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Ready for Mother’s Day – find out why the international flower supply network really flourishes when order volumes are high.

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The largest engine manufacturer in the world is in the fast lane when it comes to communication with dealerships around the globe.

How good is good enough for you?

It’s time to find out. Compare the specific requirements for the flow of information at your business with the benefits offered by Retarus Cloud Services for Applications. Here you have a checklist with the most important points.

  • Email, fax, SMS and EDI for all business applications
  • Send and receive messages directly from or to your business application
  • No over or under capacities, always scalable according to demand
  • Maximum levels of control through real-time monitoring
  • Detailed reporting and meaningful analyses
  • Seamless integration into your applications without making changes to your system
  • No installation of hardware or software
  • Compliant with BDSG, ITAR, HIPAA or HITECH
  • In urgent cases implementation possible within four hours

Services, functions and details

You can find more details and technical specifications about Retarus Cloud Services for Applications in our TechCenter.

Services and functions in detail

Retarus and Symtrax provided us with a turnkey solution, so that we could immediately test the service under real conditions. Within two days we could already deploy the service productively.

Jean-Michel Brégeat, Head of Operations at Aigle

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