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Managed File Transfer

Complete and secure MultiProtocol Mapping transactions for your business communications. Retarus Managed File Transfer sends your messages quickly, reliably and securely.

A Central Hub for Your Business Communications

Even today, data continues to be exchanged via a large number of protocols. This makes it necessary to use numerous interfaces to connect business partners with each other. When new protocols are introduced, extensive changes must often be made to the connected systems or extensive configuration activity must be undertaken and security rules taken into account.

Retarus Managed File Transfer provides you with a central hub with a uniform communications protocol. We take over the MultiProtocol Mapping to your business partners and the secure sending of messages. In addition to context-sensitive data transmission, Retarus Managed File Transfer also takes over the logging and monitoring of message transmission.

Lightning-Fast Implementation of New Protocols

New protocols are constantly being introduced in order to increase the security and speed or lower the costs of business data exchange. Different protocols predominate in different branches and on different continents. The X.400 connection is remaining the most common in Europe, while AS/2 has a significant advantage in the US. The automotive sector is currently experiencing a changeover from OFTP-1 to OFTP-2. When use of a new protocol increases, the systems connected have to be adjusted or exchanged, and new communications software needs to be purchased. Retarus Managed File Transfer assumes this expenditure for you, ensuring at the same time that you always have all current protocols available for communications with your business partners, without requiring you to make changes or adjustments to systems on your side.

Your Advantages

Free up Valuable Resources and Lower Your Operational Costs with Retarus!

Retarus Managed File Transfer forms a central communications platform with your business partners. New business partners are connected immediately and are quickly in a position to exchange business documents. This accelerates the development processes of all the companies involved. Retarus Managed File Transfer is operated for you as a managed service (SaaS – Software as a Service) in Retarus’ highly secure data centers.

  • Hub monitored 24/7
  • Switch for all current protocols
  • Live Monitoring und Logging
  • Future proof due to regular expansion of available protocols
  • No costs for hardware, software or maintenance
  • Live monitoring and logging
  • Konvertierungsleistungen einfach zubuchbar
  • Clear and predictable operating costs

We Are Here for You!

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