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For data protection conscious customers: Switzerland-based Starmind AG trusts in Retarus Transactional Email

At the request of a large cantonal bank, Swiss AI software company Starmind introduced Retarus’ Transactional Email for the transmission of business-critical emails. Running the service from Retarus’ Zurich data center ensured compliance with the financial institution’s stringent data protection requirements.

Starmind AG
Initial Situation

Customer required transactional emails to be sent from Swiss data center

With its AI-based expert platform, Starmind aims to transform the way in which people in companies work together. To achieve this, the software company focuses on connecting people with the expertise they need in real-time. Starmind’s patented AI learns who knows what regarding a certain topic and then identifies the colleague that could provide the best assistance in solving a particular issue – irrespective of their title, department, or location. Using Starmind, large organizations are able to boost their productivity, connect silos, preserve knowledge, and help new employees during the onboarding process. In this way, the Swiss company aims to put an end to the never-ending search for information and solve the problem of information overload.

Starmind sends a wide variety of transactional emails across its platform to ensure a smooth user experience, for instance regarding password resets, reminders, digests, and role-based personnel announcements. A customer in the strictly regulated Swiss financial sector needed to ensure that it met data protection provisions and guidelines by sending its emails from domestic data centers located within Switzerland. However, the company which had thus far been tasked with sending Starmind’s emails was based in the USA.


Local processing in line with FDPIC guidelines

The Swiss and European markets are enormously important for Starmind. Therefore, it was crucial for the company to fulfill all its client’s local guidelines. This meant quickly finding a new email service provider who would be able to process data locally in Switzerland – far from the reach of US laws such as the CLOUD Act and FISA. In their search for a suitable provider with local processing in Switzerland, Retarus was found to be the only provider that ticked all the boxes.

As a Europe-based company, Retarus stands apart from other large business communication platform providers in that it purposefully pursues a strict policy of local processing within each respective region – in this case, Switzerland. The data belonging to Swiss companies and their communication partners is processed within Switzerland in line with the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) in a self-operated, audit-ready data center which is certified according to ISO 27001 amongst many other standards.

“The collaboration with the team at Retarus was uncomplicated, and within a few weeks we had access to the interface from the Swiss data center. The integration was extremely easy for my team.”

Riccardo Trombini, CTO, Starmind AG

Special Challenges / Approach

Required capacity provided in quick time

As a customer-oriented service provider and in the spirit of a long-lasting collaboration of equals with Starmind, Retarus made the decision to expand its data center in Switzerland. The Munich-based cloud provider was prepared to make the necessary investment and build up the required capacities within a very short time frame.

Thanks to its well-documented, state-of-the-art REST/JSON API, Retarus Transactional Email was implemented at Starmind with minimal effort. “Implementing the new interface has hardly caused a ripple,” attests Riccardo Trombini, the then project manager and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Starmind.

Starmind is now able to meet the challenge of sending transactional emails for the largest cantonal bank in the country, directly from within Switzerland.


High delivery rates thanks to reputation management

A decisive factor for the successful delivery of transactional emails is a consistently good sender reputation. To achieve this, Retarus Transactional Email separates the traffic coming out of applications from user-based email traffic. Additionally, customers benefit from whitelisting with big ISPs through the stamp of approval provided by the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA).

Automated emails are sent by way of a domain which is owned and controlled by the customer. The sender address displayed to the recipient is identical to the technical address, meaning that SPF and DKIM checks are successful. At the same time, the traffic can be split up and routed via several sender domains at different IP addresses. This significantly reduces the risk, should one of the senders happen to be placed on a blocklist.

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Easy integration, thanks to state-of-the-art API
  • Local, audit-ready data centers
  • Contractually agreed service levels (SLAs)
Conclusion and Outlook

Scalable, growth-oriented partnership for the financial sector

Starmind has integrated Retarus Transactional Email into its platform and is now also able to offer other customers from strictly regulated sectors such as financial services the opportunity to send transactional email messages directly from Switzerland. This allows Starmind and its customers to enjoy the general benefits of cloud services, the virtually linear scalability of Retarus Transactional Email, as well as local data processing in accordance with the strict regulations governing the Swiss financial sector.

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