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Business documents are sent directly from your applications via Retarus’ Fax Cloud. Reliable, secure, cost effective, and easy to use because it’s operated without managing your own fax server.

General Features

  • Send faxes directly from your business applications
  • Feedback on the status of your fax documents
  • Ability to support overlays (pre-defined templates)
  • Support of transmission priorities and configurable fax start times
  • Extensive reports, statistics and analysis
  • Monitoring of all faxes in real time
  • Billing directly on the system and client level with cost center support
  • Monthly itemized statements

Systems, Formats, Interfaces

Supported Systems

  • All major ERP systems
  • All major CRM systems
  • Legacy systems
  • Host-based applications


Communication Interfaces

  • (s)FTP
  • SOAP
  • HTTP/S
  • MQSeries
  • VPN (IPSec) after RFC 2401
  • SMTP



  • PDF
  • Microsoft Office formats
  • PCL
  • PostScript
  • HTML
  • Text/ASCII
  • JPG
  • BMP
  • TIFF


Supported Character Sets

  • ISO 8859-1 through 8859-16
  • Unicode

Infrastructure & Technology

With Retarus Faxolution for Applications, you send your business documents via the Retarus Fax Cloud. Our infrastructure ensures fast, error-free delivery with fax status directly into your system.

  • Seven data centers worldwide
  • Redundant infrastructure with real-time synchronization
  • Active multi-carrier management for high availability and transaction security
  • Capacity on demand – no more capacity constraints for peak times
  • Up to 99.9 percent delivery rate with Intelligent Delivery Technology
  • HIPAA and Hi-Tech compliant
  • Intelligent Retry algorithms

Optional Services

With Retarus Faxolution for Applications you can also send SMS messages and emails (regardless of your mail infrastructure) directly from your systems. In addition, the Retarus eSign and Retarus Managed EDI Services can be added at any time.

  • Digital signature available for electronic billing with Retarus eSign
  • Send emails directly from your system with insert capability for disclaimers
  • Send SMS messages directly from your system
  • Fax reception via  Fax-to-email

System Requirements

  • IP connection to Retarus – Internet (VPN), ENX, leased line, MPLS

Retarus Faxolution for Applications

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