TechCenter: Retarus Patient Zero Detection

Notification of previously-unknown malware simplifies IT forensics.

Patient Zero Detection

When new malware programs firstly appear their signature is unknown to even the best virus scanners. As a result, potential threats cannot be assessed and suitable protective measures cannot be taken to successfully ward off attacks.

By utilizing Retarus Patient Zero Detection’s innovative technology in conjunction with Retarus’ multiple virus scanners, companies can rapidly detect new viruses and reliably protect their infrastructure from attacks. Retarus E-Mail Security’s filtering functions block emails known to be infected before they can find their way into the IT infrastructure. Retarus Patient Zero Detection additionally uses a digital fingerprint to also detect threats in previously-delivered emails.

  • Reliable detection when previously-unknown malware is received (“Patient Zero”)
  • Immediate and targeted responses to attacks thanks to alerts to admins and (optionally) users
  • Notifications for users that contain clear recommendations which can easily be implemented
  • Facilitates easier IT forensics
  • Optimization of system settings (e.g., blacklisting)
  • Seamless integration with other functions such as Retarus Enterprise E-Mail Archive or Retarus E-Mail Encryption

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