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Business Messaging Services to suit your requirements

Need to optimize your business communications and increase efficiency and productivity? Want to integrate your partners into your processes more closely, and ensure straightforward, secure electronic communications with these partners? Take advantage of Retarus’ Business Process Automation Services!

Overview of Retarus’ BPA Services

Communicate with your partners directly from any ERP, SCM or backend systems. Scale your real net output ratio dynamically with Retarus’ EDI Services – or with Retarus Managed Fax Services and Retarus Managed File Transfer.

Retarus Managed EDI Services

Our solution for the technical, logistical and commercial interchange of data – secure, dynamic and legally compliant. The most transparent network since the introduction of EDI.
for SAP
Three steps to EDI: Retarus Managed EDI-Services for SAP

Retarus Managed EDI Services for SAP help you reduce expenses and can be up and running within a matter of days. Set up the RFC connection, select partners and processes, send off the IDoc – done! Without SAP XI/PI, without volume-based billing – instead, a fixed price for each partner.

Absolute transparency

We report the processing status of all transmitted documents, for example invoices, orders, delivery slips and catalog data, directly back to your SAP system. Our SAP-certified interface guarantees optimal transaction security. And thanks to the Unicode support, we are also able to integrate your foreign business partners speedily and easily.

for Oracle eBusines Suite
EDI processes – fast and project-based: Retarus Managed EDI Services for Oracle

If you are a user of the Oracle eBusiness Suite, we help you meet your EDI requirements by means of our Retarus Managed EDI Services for Oracle. We implement your processes speedily and on a project-related basis. And our consultants are at your service for direct communication with your customers and suppliers.

Predefined interfaces. Rapid integration.

Our Oracle Interfaces ensure the speedy, efficient interchange of data. Direct linkup with the Oracle EDI Gateway and the Oracle eCommerce Gateway presents no problems and we also support all the specifications of the Open Application Group OAGIS.

for Infor ERP LN
Efficiency through specially developed EDI adapters: Retarus Managed EDI Services for Infor ERP LN

With Retarus Managed EDI Services, you can connect your Infor ERP LN to your customers and suppliers easily, transparently and with full transaction security.

All adapters. All variants.

You are still using a Baan system? The Baan Communicator, specially developed by Retarus, ensures smooth communications between your system and those of your partners. We convert all formats to and from BEMIS (Baan Electronic Message Interchange System). This enables you to launch the integrated data interchange speedily and efficiently.

for proALPHA
Straightforward EDI integration with pAI support: Retarus Managed EDI Services for proALPHA

Retarus Managed EDI Services for proALPHA are the end-to-end EDI solution for direct interaction with the proALPHA intercompany functions. This enables you to communicate simply and speedily with your customers and suppliers via EDI.

All processes. All versions.

Our services support all proALPHA interface processes. We meet all requirements for format conversion to and from pAI, while the existing proALPHA templates ensure speedy implementation. We provide you with our know-how in order to integrate all processes into the proALPHA version which you use. Find out for yourself: we will be pleased to put you in touch with one of the customers in our proALPHA user group.

for abas
Efficiency through specially developed EDI adapters: Retarus Managed EDI Services for abas

Retarus Managed EDI Services fully meet the EDI requirements of your customers and suppliers – irrespective of whether you use abas-ERP/Automotive or abas-Retail.

All adapters. All variants.

Our adapters specially developed for abas enable you to transfer data seamlessly to any abas EDI database and to configure processes from the abas EDI center speedily and simply – with no restrictions regarding formats or communications channels. Rely on Retarus’ many years of experience with abas and start efficient integrated data interchange with your customers and suppliers in no time.

for ERPs
Tailormade EDI solutions for your system: Retarus Managed EDI Services for ERPs

Retarus Managed EDI Services for ERPs are the answer if you have to connect your individually developed ERP system to your customers and suppliers. We work on a project-related basis and connect you to your customers and suppliers speedily and transparently and with total transaction security.

All formats. All interfaces.

We use the ERP output structures which you have already been using or we provide you with a process-oriented message structure description. You benefit from our established transfer processes, e.g. for the IBM iSeries. Whatever the situation, we adapt ourselves to your system while your system remains unchanged.

Retarus Managed File Transfer

The communications hub for even the most demanding users. Maximum communications diversity and quality.
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Retarus Managed Fax Services

Sending business documents directly, speedily and securely from ERP and CRM systems. Transparent transmission with no capacity bottlenecks.

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Retarus eSign

The transparent solution for digital document workflows. Legally compliant in more than 40 countries.

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The communications hub for even the most demanding users: Retarus Managed File Transfer

Retarus Managed File Transfer meets the highest demands in terms of communications diversity and quality. The services can be implemented speedily and effortlessly. Within just 48 hours you can enjoy the advantages of state-of-the-art communications methods, such as OFTP-2 and AS2, and can reduce your communications costs by at least 25 percent. Companies and organizations with international operations, in particular, benefit from these highly developed services.

OFTP-2 ready

Retarus’ Communication Services for OFTP-2, certified by Odette International Ltd., enable you to switch over to the new key standard for the European automotive industry within a short space of time. Our ready-configured services ensure problem-free OFTP 2 migration with no need for expensive updates.

Managed File Transfer for Ford Suppliers

Retarus is the only Ford Certified VAN Provider in the German-speaking countries. The Cologne-based carmaker advises all customers and suppliers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to set up their EDI connections via Retarus.

Sending business documents directly, speedily and securely: Retarus Managed Fax Services

With Retarus Managed Fax Services you can link up your business applications to Retarus’ Fax Cloud. You can send business documents speedily, inexpensively and with total transaction security – without needing your own fax server, without any capacity bottlenecks, and with maximum transparency. We have a certified, direct interface to SAP and we can connect any business application by way of FTP, SMTP, WebService or SOAP.

Fast. Secure. Reliable.

We offer you different interfaces to our fax infrastructure which has been specially designed for this purpose. In all cases, the documents are processed directly in our Managed Fax Services infrastructure and transmitted immediately. Including all of the infrastructure’s advantages: no capacity bottlenecks, optimal deliverability, and status messages for each individual order – delivered directly to your business application.

Transparent processes. Detailed information.

Our web-based administration portal EAS provides you with a very high degree of control over your processes, together with numerous configuration capabilities, comprehensive live reports, detailed transmission statistics, monthly individual call listings, and powerful analytical functions.

Electronic invoicing in more than 40 countries: Retarus eSign

Retarus eSign is the legally and financially ideal solution for the error-free generation and validation of signatures in connection with electronic accounting. We take care of the entire process from start to finish at both the sending and receiving ends and undertake archiving of all documentation on request.

Always on the safe side

Retarus eSign ensures that documents which you exchange with business partners and customers – including tenders, orders, invoices, customs forms, certificates, formulas and laboratory reports – can easily be traced and cannot be manipulated by any third party.

Why Retarus?

Business Messaging: quick, safe, dependable and innovative
Let us tell you more
Thousands of large and mid-size businesses as well as 50 percent of the enterprises listed in EURO STOXX 50 entrust their day-to-day Business Messaging to Retarus, with good reason: Retarus offers the highest quality, security and innovation for their messaging applications.

The Perfect Network

Efficient business processes and smooth, transparent electronic communications are among the key factors for success at any enterprise or organization. As a global provider of professional messaging services, we develop market-leading products and solutions for electronic company communications and for the automation and optimization of business processes. Retarus’ vision is to create the perfect network for the global economy. Therein, Retarus manages the safe and efficient flow of information for enterprises around the world. Since 1992 our Managed Services have been providing a level of security, performance and transparency which is unique in the market.

Quality & Innovation

We owe our success to the high quality of our services and to the know-how and many years’ experience of our employees. We focus on our skills and competencies and aim to be the best at everything we do. We conduct research into the latest trends, listen carefully to our customers, and develop and continually expand innovative services offering maximum benefits for clients. Thousands of international companies rely on Retarus for their daily business communications.

Customer Focus & Transparency

From personal targeting by our Support and Sales teams to the project-related customization of our services: our primary focus is always on the customer. As we want you to know at all times what we are doing for you in our various data centers, we offer you in-depth reports – not only during but also after our provision of the services. In this way we can offer a level of process transparency which is second to none in the market. Do you have any questions about Retarus or any of our services?

Retarus BPA in action

Successful with efficient business communications

Let us show you some real life examples

Whether transparent EDI, manipulation proof and legally compliant document workflows or secure fax transactions straight from your ERP system: with Retarus Business Process Automation you can optimize your business communications.

Over 1,000 companies and organizations, ranging from creameries to global logistics providers, make use of the many and varied benefits of Retarus’ Business Process Automation Services. We have integrated tens of thousands of partners and handle several million transactions every day.

In today’s competitive global market, companies have to focus on what they do best, and for efficiency, outsource everything else. With revenues of $2.7 billion, Sigma-Aldrich is one of the world’s top three chemicals manufacturers and has chosen Retarus to handle its EDI and fax correspondence from SAP.
In 1946, Soichiro Honda started building motorbikes in a simple wooden hut. Today, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. is a global leader with 170,000 employees all over the world. In Offenbach, Germany, Honda Motor Europe (North) GmbH’s ‘SAP Customer Competence Center’ supports every Honda affiliate running a SAP system. Retarus ensures Honda’s global communications via SAP run smoothly.
The Solvay Group, one of Europe’s leading chemical companies, relies greatly on secure and dependable email communication directly from their SAP systems. Retarus E-Mail for SAP provides Solvay with a customized solution that combines high performance with maximum process transparency.
We will be happy to discuss what we can do for you during a personal meeting. We can help with all types of industries and business processes.

Get to know our references

Companies of all sizes and all industries optimize their business messaging and business processes with Retarus’ Business Process Automation Services.
Amer Sports
The Linde Group
Thomas Cook

We are here for you!

Do you have questions about Retarus, our products and services, or wish to receive further information? Your personal sales representative will assist you with any inquiries. Please contact us!


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