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Need to increase the efficiency of your business processes and protect your infrastructure against potential threats? Want to communicate securely and reliably by email, and make productive use of the internet? Take advantage of Retarus’ Messaging & Security services!

Overview of Retarus’ Messaging & Security Services

Blocking off spam and viruses reliably, storing emails securely for long periods, filtering out unwanted web content: benefit from business continuity and compliance with Retarus’ Cloud Security services.

Retarus E-Mail Security

The solution for comprehensive protection of your IT infrastructure: blocking off viruses, spam and phishing dependably, innovatively and efficiently – and ensuring productive email communications.
Minimal throughput times
Innovative technologies for minimal throughput times: Queue-less design

Retarus E-Mail Security is characterized by a number of carefully coordinated and highly efficient technologies which analyze inbound messages directly, with no temporary storage. Thus we can guarantee minimal throughput times and you receive your emails without any delays. We only move messages into a queue if the destination system cannot be accessed, for example if an email server fails. This ensures that you receive each and every message intended for you.

E-Mail Check

On request, Retarus E-Mail Check will check at brief, regular intervals whether your systems are available and whether emails can be sent to you reliably. In the event of any holdups we notify a contact person in your company by SMS, phone or fax.

Increased performance
Performance for your email systems: Retarus Directory Filter

The Directory Filter provides protection against spam emails which are sent out automatically in bulk to non-existent addresses. By means of a comparison with your system’s address books, we are able to prevent these NDR (Non Delivery Report) and DHA (Directory Harvesting) attacks. Your systems will not suffer any performance problems or even breakdowns caused by overloading.

Seamless integration

Your valid addresses are automatically transferred to Retarus on a regular basis – from your Lotus Notes name and address book, from your Active Directory, or by way of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). This means that protection in the event of address changes comes into effect immediately. Thanks to the support of our specialists, a smooth integration process is assured.

Innovative technology

Retarus’ Traffic Manager analyzes the behavior of email servers and “hijacked” computers. This enables us to identify previously unknown spam distributors speedily and to ward off their attacks effectively. Together with our innovative “Traffic Shaping” and “Traffic Throttling” technologies, this is a reliable means of eliminating spam.

Maximum security
Maximum security for your email communications: Encryption and digital signature

Retarus E-Mail Encryption encodes both inbound and outbound emails. Companies which use the encryption service can send and receive encoded messages by means of both PGP and S/MIME. Outbound emails to be encrypted are identified in the Retarus data centers, encoded automatically by way of policy-based encryption, signed, and then forwarded to the recipient. Inbound encrypted messages are decoded, checked for viruses and then passed on to the recipient. The considerable administration work for the keys is taken care of by us. You can therefore rely on secure email communications with your partners at all times.

Secure communications without any effort

If you wish to exchange emails with certain communications partners securely, you can also book TLS (Transport Layer Security) connections with Retarus. You name your partners and we set up the encrypted connections for you. In this way you can prevent confidential information being sent without being encrypted. It goes without saying that we also support transmission in the opposite direction, i.e. inbound TLS connections.

Efficient protection against viruses
Efficient protection against viruses and malware: Retarus AntiVirus MultiScan

Using up to four virus scanners, Retarus AntiVirus MultiScan technology ensures efficient protection against viral infection of messages and attachments. Each non-encrypted message and each file attachment is checked automatically for viruses by the redundant high-performance scanners. True File Type Scanning prevents files being smuggled in “under false pretenses”, which is what senders of “Trojans” often attempt to do. We check and improve the detection quality of the scanners continually. Even previously unknown malware is detected by means of heuristic evaluation.

Security – with no compromises

Retarus deletes emails which have been infected by viruses immediately. However, users still retain control over their email communications: they receive notification (Digest) of erased messages and can thus inform the sender if necessary.

Blocking off Spam reliably
Blocking off spam reliably and innovatively: Retarus AntiSpam

Retarus AntiSpam combines different methods to reliably filter out more than 99.95 percent of all Spam emails. The number of emails incorrectly detected as Spam is practically negligible. The false positive rate of less than 0.0001 percent is not an abstract variable at Retarus: it is calculated from the number of emails which Retarus users retrieve from quarantine. We are extending the rules and the filters continually, adapting them to suit customers’ individual requirements.

Simple operation, no effort

We place messages which have been identified as Spam into quarantine, which you can then access either by email or online. Easy-to-read Digests sent out by email at fixed times provide you with an overview of all intercepted emails – classified according to the probability of spam. Mobile devices are included in this facility. You can easily retrieve filtered-out emails from the quarantine function without having to log in with user name and password and without any additional effort for the administrator.

More control

You can use blacklists and whitelists in order to specify those senders from whom your system is to accept or reject emails. Retarus’ Attachment Blocker filters out emails whose file attachments are not considered trustworthy in your company or exceed a predefined size. Our Anti-Backscatter technology wards off attacks involving falsified non-delivery notifications.

Absolute transparency
Transparent processes: EAS Enterprise Administration Services

Our web-based administration portal (EAS) provides you with numerous configuration options and powerful analytical functions with detailed evaluations. You can measure our short throughput times by means of the Performance Monitor, which supplies you with both past and present values. And should you have asked for technical support, you can monitor the processing status of your request or inquiry. You can thus easily keep track of the services provided by Retarus at all times.

Real-time verification of your emails

With the optional Enterprise E-Mail Monitor you can trace the location of each individual inbound or outbound message in real time. The powerful search function lists the messages in chronological order. You can thus see how each email has been processed by our service instances.

Retarus Enterprise E-Mail Archive

Long-term storage of even large volumes of emails, in compliance with auditing requirements, for efficient business processes, business continuity and compliance.
Business continuity & compliance
Maximum efficiency for your business processes: Business continuity and compliance

Retarus Enterprise E-Mail Archive stores all of your company’s inbound and outbound emails reliably, securely and long term. They remain safely in storage even if messages saved on your server are lost, for example in the event of a catastrophe or because mailboxes have been deleted. You can retrieve all emails, including file attachments, at any time and forward them to any email address within your company. This means that all business-related messages are available at all times.

Stored emails cannot be altered

All inbound and outbound emails are stored in such a way that they cannot be changed, cannot be deleted – in line with the legally prescribed archiving periods – but still can be retrieved securely and at high speed. Thus, Retarus Enterprise E-Mail Archive helps you meet compliance requirements as well as commercial and fiscal regulations.

Access, data protection & security
Reliable protection for your data: Powerful infrastructure

Retarus carries out Enterprise E-Mail Archive in its proprietary data centers in Europe, the US and APAC, in accordance with the contractual terms of the arrangement with the customer. The multiple-redundancy design of the infrastructure means optimal protection for your data even if long-term archiving is requested. Emails (including attachments) are stored in encrypted form after passing through Retarus E-Mail Security’s multi-stage virus protection and high-quality Spam filters. Our security concept is absolutely watertight – we will be pleased to disclose it to you!

Four-eyes principle

Access to emails stored in the E-Mail Archive system is based on the four-eyes principle. Access is only granted if two authorized persons log in simultaneously with their user names and passwords via our web-based administration platform. All access to the E-Mail Archive system is logged, as are all search requests. Thus, the Retarus Enterprise E-Mail Archive system meets any data protection requirements.

Powerful search function & control
Control over your business correspondence: Powerful search function

The Retarus E-Mail Archive system includes powerful search functions by means of which you can retrieve individual messages even from among millions of emails in a matter of milliseconds. You can search on the basis of keywords in the subject line or in the message text, select a storage period, and find messages from specific senders or addressed to specific users. You can also locate email attachments by way of the file type. Thus, you can easily keep track of business-related information, whether inbound or outbound, at all times.

Maximum control

The data stored in Retarus’ Enterprise E-Mail Archive system can be retrieved and migrated at any time – for example, for further internal processing on any kind of data media. You retain complete control over your business correspondence at all times.

Retarus Managed Internet Security Services

Company-wide protection to ensure that internet threats and unwanted web content cause no damage, and that legal and corporate internet directives are properly adhered to.
Security & productivity
Efficient protection for your IT infrastructure: Security & productivity

Retarus’ Managed Internet Security Services enable you to check web usage in your company or organization efficiently: thanks to the more than 80 filter categories, you can block off unwanted web offerings, including chats, social networks, gaming and pornography. This ensures that there is no falling-off in employees’ productivity. We update the filters every day, so that our protective functions are always efficient and up to date. You can control access to the web even more closely by using blacklists and whitelists, by means of which you can block off or allow individual sites. For instance, you can prevent the use of private social networks while authorizing access to business-related websites.

Efficient content filtering

Websites which are not listed in filter categories or blacklists can also be blocked off easily by means of specific keyword lists. If the aggregate value of all categorized words contained in an accessed website exceeds a predefined limit, the site will not be displayed. We will adapt the word lists to suit your requirements if necessary – ensuring that you have maximum control over permitted web content.

Transparency & control
Maximum transparency for internet usage: Simple configuration and detailed reports

You can easily configure categories and lists by way of the web-based administration portal, where you can also set up users, groups and profiles. The company’s own proxy can be prefixed for the authentication of users. In this way profiles can be synchronized with your Active Directory or any other directory services. The detailed reporting functionality means that you have complete transparency with regard to your personnel’s internet usage. You can see, for example, when and how often individual websites or domains have been accessed over a certain period of time and also the associated filter categories. You can easily include “mobile” employees in the protection facility as well.

Personnel well informed

When a user attempts to access a blocked site, he/she is provided with information on the reason for non-access. In this way users not only discover that they have attempted to access a barred site: they can also see whether the reason for the refused access is harmful content or an inadmissible site. The usage guidelines thus remain transparent to your personnel at all times.

Why Retarus?

Business Messaging: quick, safe, dependable and innovative
Let us tell you more
Thousands of large and mid-size businesses as well as 50 percent of the enterprises listed in EURO STOXX 50 entrust their day-to-day Business Messaging to Retarus, with good reason: Retarus offers the highest quality, security and innovation for their messaging applications.

The Perfect Network

Efficient business processes and smooth, transparent electronic communications are among the key factors for success at any enterprise or organization. As a global provider of professional messaging services, we develop market-leading products and solutions for electronic company communications and for the automation and optimization of business processes. Retarus’ vision is to create the perfect network for the global economy. Therein, Retarus manages the safe and efficient flow of information for enterprises around the world. Since 1992 our Managed Services have been providing a level of security, performance and transparency which is unique in the market.

Quality & Innovation

We owe our success to the high quality of our services and to the know-how and many years’ experience of our employees. We focus on our skills and competencies and aim to be the best at everything we do. We conduct research into the latest trends, listen carefully to our customers, and develop and continually expand innovative services offering maximum benefits for clients. Thousands of international companies rely on Retarus for their daily business communications.

Customer Focus & Transparency

From personal targeting by our Support and Sales teams to the project-related customization of our services: our primary focus is always on the customer. As we want you to know at all times what we are doing for you in our various data centers, we offer you in-depth reports – not only during but also after our provision of the services. In this way we can offer a level of process transparency which is second to none in the market. Do you have any questions about Retarus or any of our services?

Messaging & Security in action

Successful and efficient with security from the Cloud

Let us show you some real life examples

Whether you require efficient global communications processes, Business Continuity and Compliance, or the reliable filtering of spam and viruses: with Retarus Messaging & Security Services you optimize your communications. Just as Continental, Puma, the German Savings Banks Association (DSGV) and numerous other companies have done.

Thousands of companies and organizations already make use of the diverse advantages of Retarus’ Messaging & Security Services. Our services safeguard more than 1.5 million email accounts and the respective infrastructures. Every day we filter out hundreds of millions of spam emails and viruses, ensuring smooth and efficient business communications via email.

The sports and lifestyle company Puma uses Retarus E-Mail Security in order to filter out from all inbound emails the six percent which are of relevance for business communications. Puma has been able to take much of the strain off its IT and increase both efficiency and security substantially.
Automotive supplier Continental protects its infrastructure against potential threats by means of Retarus Messaging & Security Services. Its globally dispersed workforce benefits from short throughput times, email-based quarantine access, and high levels of performance.
For the German Savings Banks Association (DSGV) the provision and availability of efficient communications processes can be described as indispensable. Business-critical communications systems are therefore operated as a high-availability managed service by Retarus’ messaging experts.
We will be happy to discuss what we can do for you and your company. Just contact us!

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Companies of all sizes and all industries optimize their business messaging and business processes with Retarus’ Messaging & Security services.
Amer Sports
The Linde Group
Thomas Cook

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