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DE-CIX customers now able to connect directly with Retarus

DirectCLOUD an efficient alternative to VPN, MPLS, or leased lines

Reading, 27.09.2022 // Retarus has recently become a DE-CIX DirectCLOUD partner. This means that the Frankfurt-based interconnection specialist’s customers and partners are now able to communicate via a private, direct connection on the Retarus Enterprise Cloud, bypassing the public internet. In many cases, this offers a smart alternative to VPN (virtual private networking), MPLS (multiprotocol label switching), or a leased line.

Since 1995, DE-CIX has been operating Europe’s largest internet exchange in Frankfurt with peak traffic of over 13 terabits per second. In Germany alone, they run six other internet exchanges including one in Munich. DirectCLOUD simplifies the connection, minimizes downtime, and ensures a stable connection. Short contract terms facilitate quick, effective collaboration with more than 50 cloud service providers.

The connection with the DE-CIX cloud exchange is established by way of VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network). Network operators (carriers), internet service providers (ISP), and data centers connect their customers to DE-CIX or companies connect their networks directly to the DE-CIX exchange. By extending the connection to Retarus, DE-CIX provides a private, secure direct connection with low latency. The basic principle of direct interconnection is a fitting response to the ever-increasing demands placed on digital applications with regard to security, performance, and availability.

Direct peering provides benefits

Direct peering puts the one-to-many/many-to-one principle into practice for the internet exchange and represents a more efficient alternative to VPN, MPLS, or a leased line. It aggregates the traffic, rather than relying on 1-to-1 connections. As the route is both private and fixed, the risk from threats such as DDoS attacks or IP hijacking is minimized considerably. At the same time, the approach supports regional data protection requirements, immediately reducing compliance issues from the initial connection.

“For the customers of both Retarus and DE-CIX, DirectCLOUD provides clear benefits when ‘plain internet connectivity’ is not an option,” explains Stefan Hänel, Head of Networks and Infrastructure Service at Retarus. “Connecting via IPSEC VPN often requires intensive levels of care and resources. Dedicated leased lines or similar approaches often go hand in hand with appreciable recurring costs and substantial production efforts. Private connections via DE-CIX, on the other hand, are quick to set up and remain stable. The costs are easy to calculate and comparatively inexpensive.”

About Retarus

Retarus offers Enterprise Cloud solutions for Messaging, Email Security, and Business Integration. At the highest service level, with top performance, security, compliance with data protection regulations, and global availability. Retarus' services are successfully used for cloudification and securing messaging and email infrastructures, as well as for the intelligent automation of business processes and workflows. Retarus, headquartered in Munich, was founded by Martin Hager in 1992 and has been owner managed ever since. The company employs around 500 people in 20 offices on four continents. Over 40 percent of the companies listed in the S&P Global 100 rely on Retarus. More information:

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