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Retarus Press Release

Retarus Email Archive gets comprehensive update

New version fulfills strictest compliance requirements and impresses with even better performance

Reading, 28.04.2023 // Munich-based enterprise cloud provider Retarus has released a new version of its Email Archive, the tamper-proof long-term email communication storage service for companies and organizations. With improved functions, hybrid encryption, and even higher performance, the new Retarus Email Archive is immediately available as part of the modular Secure Email Platform.

The Retarus Email Archive facilitates the automatic and reliable long-term storage of inbound and outbound messages – optionally internal email traffic as well – in its original raw format, including SMTP information. Parallel processing ensures that there are no delays in delivery, with the archiving of the emails taking place in Retarus’ highly available, redundant data centers across Europe. The electronic correspondences are stored in a tamper-proof manner, protected from unauthorized access through hybrid encryption. Alternatively, customers also have the option of using their own encryption keys.

By way of powerful search functions, administrators are able to access and retrieve archived emails within milliseconds through just a few clicks, even with huge volumes of stored messages. This applies throughout the full duration of archiving – irrespective of the email system used, whether employees have left the company in the meanwhile, or even if an email account has been deactivated. Emails containing sensitive information, for instance from board members or job applicants, can be excluded entirely from archiving. Search criteria can be restricted with a high degree of granularity to meet company requirements or due to data protection provisions.
Administrator access takes place exclusively in accordance with the four-eyes principle. Every access and all read operations are logged in full detail, ensuring that the company’s electronic communication can be tracked in an audit-ready, tamper-proof manner. Messages are archived and retrievable for ten years or until the end of the contract period, in line with the statutory requirements for retaining records. After which, they are deleted in compliance with the law.

Seamless interplay with Email Security and Email Encryption

Using Retarus Email Archive enables enterprises to comply with international data protection regulations, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), sector-specific standards, and internal company guidelines with confidence. Even the transfer of data to and from customer’s IT infrastructure is already encrypted. Combining the service with other functions offered by the Secure Email Platform offers additional benefits. For instance, each email is examined thoroughly for malware by means of the comprehensive protection mechanisms provided by Retarus Email Security Services prior to being archived. Using Retarus Email Encryption, inbound messages are decrypted centrally via the cloud platform before they are placed – in their original format and along with all their attachments – in the archive which is itself encrypted. Unlike when decrypting the messages on the user’s client, this ensures future access to the message at any time, regardless if the respective private key still exists at the time the search takes place.

Martin Hager, founder and CEO of Retarus, emphasizes: “As a full-suite provider of email services at enterprise level, we offer all relevant compliance services from a single source. From tamper-proof archiving to encryption and protection from data theft. With this new release of our Email Archive, companies with demanding requirements and complex challenges are now able to receive a future-proof cloud solution. This not only ensures the secure, legally compliant retention of business email communication, but also exceptionally high performance when it comes to searching for messages. For an email archive containing 75 million stored emails, retrieving a specific message takes a mere 5.1 milliseconds on average. What’s more, the search function is remarkably stable – we haven’t experienced a single corrupted index over the past 13 years.”

About Retarus

Retarus offers Enterprise Cloud solutions for Messaging, Email Security, and Business Integration. At the highest service level, with top performance, security, compliance with data protection regulations, and global availability. Retarus' services are successfully used for cloudification and securing messaging and email infrastructures, as well as for the intelligent automation of business processes and workflows. Retarus, headquartered in Munich, was founded by Martin Hager in 1992 and has been owner managed ever since. The company employs around 500 people in 20 offices on four continents. Over 40 percent of the companies listed in the S&P Global 100 rely on Retarus. More information:

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