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For IT Managers & Decision Makers Europe’s Leading Analysts Rate “Cloud-Delivered Security” in Their Newest Report

KuppingerCole, Europe’s leading analyst organization with a focus on information security, has published its Market Compass “Cloud-delivered Security”. It provides companies an overview of the best solutions available across the complex market. The report details valuable insights for all who are interested in finding the best path to exceptional IT security with the right provider.

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Why You Should Read the KuppingerCole Market Compass

KuppingerCole is an international and independent analyst organization headquartered in Europe. The company specializes in offering objective advice with particular expertise in information security, risk management, compliance, and all areas concerning digital transformation. KuppingerCole supports companies in meeting both tactical and strategic challenges. Maintaining the balance between immediate implementation and long-term success is at the heart of KuppingerCole’s philosophy. This report analyzes nine managed cloud-based security platforms. Providers are rated across an extensive criteria including protection quality, reliability, coverage, scalability, and of course, impact on user productivity. All providers included in the analysis do not require hardware installations or changes to existing network infrastructures.

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Retarus’ Results: “Holistic” and “Strong Positive”

KuppingerCole rates Retarus as “positive” and “strong positive” across eight categories: Security, Interoperability, Usability, Deployment, Data Protection, Web Security, Email Security, and Zero Trust. Retarus’ email security functions perform so well that points were awarded even in the category “Web Security”. Furthermore, the analysts emphasize 100% GDPR compliance, something Retarus prioritizes. The Retarus Platform enhances data protection and compliance significantly, increases user friendliness, and boosts productivity. Moreover, KuppingerCole views Retarus’ holistic approach as a particular strength. These factors contribute to Retarus’ exceptional rating as a provider offering a complete communication solution that covers email, fax, SMS, and even structured messages. This includes digitization and workflow automation of downstream processes.

“Cloud-based security solutions must explicitly incorporate multiple additional data protection and privacy controls to remain compliant with regulations like GDPR or HIPAA. Retarus strongly focuses on compliance for large enterprises, including full GDPR compliance.”

Source: Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole Analysts AG

Management Summary

“The KuppingerCole Market Compass provides an overview of a market segment and the vendors in that segment. It covers the trends that are influencing that market segment, how it is further divided, and the essential capabilities required of solutions. It also provides ratings of how well these solutions meet our expectations. This Market Compass covers a variety of security solutions that help organizations protect their users from a broad range of cybersecurity threats without the need to deploy additional on-prem appliances or software agents, greatly reducing the cost and complexity of corporate security infrastructures.”

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KuppingerCole Market Compass "Cloud-delivered Security"