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Retarus Whitepaper Email Continuity: How to Keep Your Email up and Running during an IT Outage

Learn how to ensure that your employees can continuously communicate via email and thus keep business-critical processes running – even if your infrastructure is down. Read our whitepaper “Email Continuity: How to keep your email up and running during an IT outage”.

What is currently the biggest fear of companies worldwide? According to the most recent survey of Allianz around company risks, ‘cyber incidents’ are in the pole position as the biggest risk for businesses with 39 percent. Overall, more than 2,700 risk management experts from over 100 countries were interviewed. In the survey seven years ago, cyber risk was trailing behind in 15th place at only
six percent. Today, cyber incidents and resulting downtimes are ever more often the cause for IT related business interruptions. As soon as IT systems of global companies are down, important business processes will follow.

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With Retarus Email Continuity your company and your employees will remain productive even if your own email infrastructure is not available.

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